sleeved May 23rd... stuck at 61lbs loss.... getting mad at myself...

on 2/12/17 7:33 am


UGH! I know what I need to do... get back to measuring & weighing... I also need to exercise. I KNOW that I know these things... I need to force myself to actually do them. 61 lbs is embarrassing at 9 months out- I've always been a very slow loser but c'mon. I eat very little bread (maybe 1x, 2x a weekend...) yes, I know to stop that... and, I had been adding granola to my yogurt. It turns out granola is the devil...


I'm just pretty disappointed in myself. I imagined I'd be in ONEderland by now... 24 to go.


Anyone in this situation? Any advice is appreciated...



White Dove
on 2/12/17 9:49 am

How much did you need to lose?  60% of excess weight lost is considered a surgical success.  Any more than that takes diet, exercise and motivation.

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on 2/12/17 10:25 am


I was 285 day of surgery, now I'm 226...I would love to get to 170/175...


I'm trying to figure out where I should be protein, Carb & calorie wise... I have to start logging again. 

Donna L.
on 2/12/17 11:46 am - Chicago, IL
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95% of weight loss is diet.  Sadly, excess carbs will always slow weight loss because insulin triggers fat storage, and also because when we expend glucose for energy we do not need to use fat.

I lose decently under 50g of carbs a day, but I lose best under 20g.  Everyone is different.  

Are you meeting your protein macros?  If you're getting 65-75g/day, what else is it that you're eating?

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much...the life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully. -- Seneca, On the Shortness of Life

on 2/12/17 4:46 am

I have a qwest proten shake with unsweetened almond milk in am


then a dannon greek for snack/lunch

a protein plus/zone perfect bar in the afternoon


chick or steak (or some variation of protein for dinner) a veg if i can


then a snack later- yogurt/or veg/ piece of cheese/or sometimes popcorn (skinny pop/weekends) 


Up until a week ago I was having granola every day with yogurt- got carried away- just too addicting. 


Maybe I should stop the bar? Its up there in carbs- 26 I think...



Donna L.
on 2/12/17 1:48 pm, edited 2/12/17 5:50 am - Chicago, IL
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You also (very fortunately) weigh less so it will be slower too.  Still you have done really well!

You mentioned you were eating bread above.  I'd religiously write down everything you eat for a week, including packets of sweetener.  Make sure nothing is sneaking in.  Food sneaks in all too easily.  Ditch popcorn - zero nutrition, and too easy to overeat.  Eat 2-3 ounces of meat instead.  If you are eating 1 bag of popcorn and 2 slices of bread on weekends, that's easily like anywhere to 30-70g of carbs depending on what brands you choose.  Starchy foods can also trigger overeating.

If you'd like yogurt with granola, I posted a lower carb version made with nuts & coconut you can make under recipes.  

Bars are not really that healthy, unfortunately.  They are great if there are no options, but I notice many of us lose weight faster the more we eat solid protein from unprocessed food.  We are often more sensitive to food being obese, sadly.  

What was the meal plan from your program like?

My meals are usually:

1: protein shake

2: 4-6oz of protein, 1/4c of veg if room

3: same as #2

If I'm hungry at night I will eat a snack, usually string cheese, or a few slices of cucumber, 2-3 oz of meat, etc.

I follow a ketogenic diet post-op. I also have a diagnosis of binge eating disorder. Feel free to ask me about either!

It is not that we have so little time but that we lose so much...the life we receive is not short but we make it so; we are not ill provided but use what we have wastefully. -- Seneca, On the Shortness of Life

on 2/12/17 4:01 pm - WI

The two protein bars you mentioned are both high in sugar.  Protein Plus Power Bars have 12 grams of sugar and Perfect Zone bars have 18 grams of sugar.  They are basically candy bars.  There are better choices for protein.  Try to stick to real food and don't rely on bars.  Boiled eggs, yogurt, deli meat, string cheese, Babybel cheese are easy grab and go options.  Protein bars are great once in a while, not daily.  

Skip the popcorn for a while too.  We can eat TON of popcorn and feel no restriction.  It can snowball into a carb-fest.  If you eat carbs, you crave carbs.  Cut your carbs to  a very low amount.  It will be hard for a few weeks, but your  cravings will go away and you will lose weight.  NO BREADY, CARBY,  FOODS... PERIOD!!!!  

I noticed you excuse yourself on the weekends to eat carbs.  That can't happen while you are trying to lose.  After you get to your goal and maintain for several months you might be able to have a few things extra.... maybe.  You need to STOP rewarding yourself with food on weekends.  Rewarding ourselves with food is how we all became obese.  Go get your nails done, or get a massage.  Find another way to reward yourself.  

 You need to measure and log your food, recommit to the process, and get serious.  Having WLS is often our last chance to get the weight off.

You can do this!!!!

HW 270 SW 236 GW 160 CW 145 (15 pounds below goal!)

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diane S.
on 2/12/17 12:24 pm

Well I was a slow loser but I got there. Sometimes only 4 lbs a month. The way to improve rate is to increase protein intake, replacing the carbs with it. I regain so quickly with very modest carbs. Just have to face it and live with it. You can get there and don't be discouraged. Just make up your mind you are going to see it through.  GL  diane s

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on 2/12/17 7:26 pm

61 pounds gone is 61 pounds gone......go back to basics as everyone else has suggested....I can't add much to what they are saying, other than to say that it's 61 pounds that you weren't able to lose before, so give yourself a pat on the back, a stern talking-to and go do what you already said you know you need to do.

AND......thanks to all the posters for unknowingly giving me that little bit of an extra bit of encouragement as well, because I've gotten a little sloppy over the past week or so and I think I needed a bit of a kick in the butt. I was sleeved on June 6 and am down 63 goal was to hit Onederland by December 6 but finally made it December 20....and on top of all that, I bought clothes in the regular department too!!!

So......we both have to go back to basics....we're here for each other!!

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on 2/13/17 5:17 am

Try not to be too hard on yourself.  I know even a lot of old-time sleevers are struggling now (me included) because of the stress-level in the world. 

Do you think you are eating due to stress and Anxiety?  If so, try to figure out what you can do for self-care that will replace the need for food as comfort, and know that you will succeed if you keep up the commitment. 

You can do this.

best wishes,



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