Liquid besides water

on 8/22/19 1:02 pm
VSG on 06/27/12

What other liquids are you drinking besides water? Need some zero cal ideas for liquids. I have a major problem with drinking my calories.


(deactivated member)
on 8/22/19 1:58 pm

Nearly 100% of my water has tea in it. Black tea of all varieties. oolong, lapsang souchon, blends like English Breakfast, Assam, Darjeeling. You name it, if it's a black tea that doesn't taste like fruit, I drink it.

Also, try these: CXK2/ref=sr_1_20?crid=2DCQQLHGR8PWH&keywords=true+lemon&qid= 1566507284&s=grocery&sprefix=true+%2Caps%2C327&sr=1-20

That's an assortment of orange, lemon, and lime flavor crystals. I just dump one into my water bottle (tea or no tea). No sugar, no chemicals. Just crystalized orange or lemon or lime.

I drink Bubly and Arrowhead Black Cherry or Lime sparkling water occasionally.

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on 8/22/19 7:42 pm
VSG on 03/21/19

A typical day for me is a couple of cups of coffee first thing in the morning, then bottled water or Tetley breakfast blend with splash of milk throughout the day. The occasional Tetley brand Chai tea is my new favourite treat.

White Dove
on 8/22/19 8:51 pm

I make a pitcher of Crystal Light every morning in warm weather and fini**** by evening. I also drink diet ginger ale and sometimes Coke Zero. Carbonation does not bother me at all.

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on 8/23/19 5:35 am
RNY on 06/03/15

I drink a lot of flavored waters, like Bai, for example, because I get tired of drinking plain water all day (although I drink that, too). I also like the 5-calorie cranberry beverages that Ocean Spray (and a couple other companies) make - esp the cranberry-mango one.

on 8/23/19 6:02 am

Water, unsweetened iced tea, hot tea [mostly Scottish breakfast or earl grey], coffee, iced hibiscus tea from time to time, or water with a squirt of lime juice.

on 8/23/19 3:43 pm
VSG on 02/13/19

I love the zero sugar gatorades and diet snapple. I buy the snapple in the glass bottle because i'm fancy.



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on 8/24/19 2:39 pm
VSG on 03/21/19

This totally made me laugh out loud! Thanks

on 8/23/19 4:24 pm
VSG on 06/27/12

Thank you all for the ideas!


on 8/24/19 3:29 am
VSG on 05/14/19 with

I've been drinking a calorie and sugar free drink for 4 years now. It's a grape flavored powder mix usually sold near tge crystal lite section but it's not tea. Cutting out sodas and other sugar drinks helped me to lose a good amount of weight in the past.

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