Hello Strangers!

on 1/11/12 2:27 am
Hey everyone!

It has been almost a year since I have posted.  My former job disallowed it and I had not tried it since the new job I started 8 months ago but here I am!  I have to update my ticker, etc.  but for now I just wanted to say a brief "hello." 

I am 16 months out from my VSG and it has been the BEST decision I ever made that was all about me!  I am not yet to my goal weight... I am a very sloooowww loser but the up side of that is that at almost 61 years of age, I have very little loose skin.  I continue to work out extensively 3 times a week and feel MUCH better than I did 20+ years ago!  I love my life now and if I can get the last stubborn 20 pounds off, life will be darn near perfect.

I like my new job, which I never would have been brave enough to try for had I not had my surgery.  We have another grandchild since I last posted and yet another one due in May.  My husband still feels a little insecure about the "new and improved" me but we are still having fun after more than 42 years together.

I hope and pray all is well with each of you.  I will post new pictures and updates soon, I hope.

Blessings to all,
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on 1/11/12 2:36 am - VA
Hey, Kat. Don't be a stranger, babeeee!


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on 1/11/12 2:53 am
 Good to hear you are doing well 16 months out from your VSG.  Look forward to hearing more about how things are doing for you.

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on 1/11/12 3:04 am
VSG on 03/13/12 with
Hi Kat, let me introduce myself, I'm new here.  I'm TexasGirl73 (Jamie), and I'm having VSG on March 13th.  I can hardly wait....

Don't be a stranger, I love meeting everyone on the LW board.

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Price S.
on 1/11/12 3:42 am - Mills River, NC
Hi Kat and glad you are doing well.  Stay in touch.  I wish I could say I didn't have much loose skin but oh well, rather have that than the fat. 

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Mandy R.
on 1/11/12 5:25 am - Callahan, FL
Hi Kat,
Nice to "meet" you.  I had RNY 11/7/11 and am loving it.  Welcome back !

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on 1/11/12 5:36 am
Good to hear from you!  We had surgery the same week.  It is good you see you are enjoying life after surgery.

I'm still about 20lbs from my goal too, but I hit my surgeon's goal.  Like you I'm enjoying life and grandbabies.  Don't be a stranger anymore.

Jody ***
on 1/11/12 6:43 am - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
Hi Kat - welcome back!

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Starting BMI between 35 and 40ish? 
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on 1/11/12 7:41 am
Hi Kat,

Good to hear from you and that you are doing well. Are you still rockin those boots?

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on 1/11/12 8:09 am
Hi Kat,
Welcome back.  Sounds like you have been doing really good.  Congratulations on the new job.  Hope you can come and visit with us more often.  Can't wait to see new pictures!!

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