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Turtle Lynn
on 9/6/12 7:00 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
Okay, so yesterday I saw the Diabetes Nurse and than my Dietitian and we proceeded to ha**** out over my goal weight among other things.  They put me on that Tanita machine again, which showed that I'm better hydrated, lost fat and have improved muscle mass.  That part was great. The not so great part is that I'm stuck on a number and perception in my head that they don't agree with. . .grrrrrr. 

I think I should weigh about 130 to reconcile the image in my head of where I want to end up. . . they both (and my surgeon) says no, that's too low, I should be at 150, which will be perfect for my height and diabetes health. The Tanita machine agrees with them too lol. . .it actually says 150.2 is my ideal weight for my height, body mass and type.  Of course, that was NOT what I wanted to hear 

Now granted, I'm still 30+ lbs away from hitting that goal.  I keep saying we will re-evaluate when I get to 150 and they both put their foot down yesterday and said no way, 130 is unreasonable, and I need to get that out of my head.  

How did you decide on where to stop losing? or determining your ideal goal weight?  

Maybe I am being unreasonable because it's been so long since I was at those lower weights, and I have this "magic" number stuck in my head that I think I "have to" get to to look the way that I want to. . . . .maybe I will look at 150 how I "think" I will look at 130 .

Also, I see people on the boards suggest therapy alot to others. . . how do you find a therapist that specializes in weight loss and/or bariatrics?  or would just any old therapist do?  I am curious because I definitely have the body dysmorphia going on so I have considered talking to someone about it to help me get over that, but I don't know that a "regular" therapist could really help with or relate to that . . . .any thoughts or suggestions?

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Jody ***
on 9/6/12 2:43 am, edited 9/6/12 2:44 am - Brighton, MI
RNY on 10/21/08 with
 I think the advice you will receive here is "let your body decide where to stop".  All too many times when someone tries to force themselves to stop losing weight, it actually backfires on them and they end up regaining.

You body will not let you lose too much (ok, a few instances, but not common).  We even recommend going 5 or so lbs LOWER than what you want to be so you have some "wiggle and bounce back" room.  

Quite frankly, when I have someone arguing with me about something like this, I just shake my head yes and do whatever the Heck I want anyway... 

How tall are you?

We all have body dysmorphia - especially at the part of the journey you're at - and it can take a few years to actually catch up to where you're at.  I did for awhile, but it didn't take long.  Of course I still concentrate on my "problem" areas... I think that's just natural (for me anyway).  

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Turtle Lynn
on 9/6/12 10:33 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with

That is EXACTLY what I am concerned about and why I think going towards the lower end of a healthy BMI is a better choice!

LoL. . .that's basically what I did, I said "okay, okay, I will change my goal weight to 150 for now"  and they were happy with that. 
I am 5'4" so according to the BMI chart I looked at, 150 puts me right at 25.  130 would put me at a BMI of 22, which I still think is healthy AND gives me "wiggle room". 

I wasn't at this weight long enough with the Lap Band to really get over the body dysmorphia.  It's very frustrating, even though I KNOW I am buying and wearing smaller clothes.  I was considering counseling to see if I could speed up working through it.   I'm sure I will always focus on my "problem areas". . .I think that's just human nature lol. 

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on 9/6/12 10:07 am
How tall are you?  I am 5'1 1/2" and looked on the BMI chart.  My goal was to get to a normal weight and then go a little lower so I could have some bounce back room if needed.  I never tried to stop my weight loss, it pretty much stopped on its own.  I agree with not trying to stop your weight loss unless you get into the underweight range.

The more room you have to play with after the weight loss phase, the better off you will be while trying to maintain.

Good luck.

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Turtle Lynn
on 9/6/12 3:40 am, edited 9/6/12 3:43 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
Thanks, Linda!

I am 5'4", so according to the BMI chart I looked at , 150 puts me right at 25 and 130 would put me at a BMI of 22.  

I don't want to be in an underweight category or a PITA patient, but I also don't want to screw myself and stop losing weight before my body is ready to!  I'm also build very solid, so I can carry more weight than it looks like I do, that's another reason for thinking going a little lower would be okay based on how I am built.  

I see my surgeon at the end of the month so I am going to ask him for a "range" he would like to see me in.  I'm hoping after talking to him more in depth that he will agree with my reasoning. . .than HE can tell the Diabetes Nurse and Dietitian to adjust their numbers lol 

PS -- Thanks for the Ticker advice, as you can see, I went and got mine from where you got yours! 

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on 9/6/12 3:21 pm
I am also 5'4" and the BMI calculator I use says that I need to be between 145 and 146 for a BMI of 25. 145 is a 24.9, 146 is a BMI of 25.1 (and overweight).

I will say, keep losing til your body decides...my surgeon wanted me to stop at 145...I was not happy with that but had I stopped, it would have been fine. I kept going anyway...didn't change my diet.


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Turtle Lynn
on 9/6/12 8:05 pm - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
I like that plan, I just may borrow it! 

I just grabbed a random BMI chart online. . .the one they were using was the same as the numbers I found.  I'm wondering if their charts aren't a bit outdated. . . . 

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on 9/6/12 6:27 pm - Northern, CA
If you still have 30 pounds to go until you get to 150, I don't see why they were arguing about it. It's not like you are going to go too low tomorrow if you don't change your goal weight!

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Turtle Lynn
on 9/6/12 8:08 pm - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
I'm not sure why they got so worked up about it, but for what ever reason it sent them both into a tizzy!

I was a little taken aback to be honest; I thought they would be on board with me wanting to be at a lower weight, and the reason we were discussing it was because they ASKED me what my goals were, and that included my goal weight. 

I figure I have several months to go to lose another 30-something pounds so we have plenty of time to re-evaluate.  

I dunno, maybe I just caught them on a bad day 

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Chirs H.
on 9/6/12 7:02 pm - Wichita Falls, TX
I'll be watching to see how this palys out.  :-)  I'm 5'4" also and I was given 145 as a goal, but know I feel my best between 125 & 130.  They said we'd see how it played out.  

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