Syntrax Twisted Cherry

Turtle Lynn
on 9/21/12 11:53 am - New Castle, DE
RNY on 05/29/12 with
Hmmm, okay, well not crazy about it but I think I can get it down.  

I tried it with 16 oz of water and it was a no go, could still smell the "whey" way too much and the tummy started rolling.  So, I followed Price's plan and added another bottle of water (32 oz total) and some ice cubes and 1 SF Hawaiin Red Kool-Aid stick.  

I can still smell the "whey" but it's not making me gag now so that's a plus lol.  Going to try and work on drinking all of it throughout the rest of the night.

Won't be getting the Cherry again.  Going to try the other flavors over the weekend and see how it goes.  Hopefully I will find at least one I can tolerate without too much of an issue 

Going to GNC this weekend for more lean shakes. . . .maybe I can mix the fuzzy navel with their vanilla and make like a creamsicle flavor. . . .it's worth a try!

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on 9/21/12 12:50 pm
I got some of the Twisted Cherry and I mixed it with a bottle of water and a stick of cherry drink mix.  It was Cherryhead brand from the Dollar Tree.  It was yummy!  I put some in popsicle molds and there were even better.

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Price S.
on 9/21/12 12:54 pm - Mills River, NC
I have done fuzzy navel with vanilla and it wasn't bad.  To keep from smelling it, use a sippy cup.  It doesn't bother me but I have seen that suggested before.  Good luck.  It is so important to find something you can live with.  I loved the cappichino early out but don't like it at all now.  But I have been stuck on vanilla, chocolate, lemon tea, caribbean cooler for a while now.  Oh yeah and Mint cookie.

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on 9/22/12 5:16 pm
Do you have a blender bottle?  That is what I use so I can't smell it as much.  I use lots of water, ice and add crystal lite so mine is pretty diluated.  I don't especially like the Twisted Cherry.  I like the Lemon Tea the best, but we are all so different!!

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