Am I approved? Oh my gosh!

on 12/24/12 12:32 am
I had my paperwork turned in for ins approval or disapproval Dec 17th. I just called the ins co to ck on where it is in the process. She told me it is scheduled for 12/29. Pending clinicals. What does that mean? I'm so excited yet anxious at the same time since they said pending clinicals. I am going to try and add a ticker. 5'5 228lbs Previous lapband (2007) Upcoming surg DS I hope!
Price S.
on 12/24/12 1:21 am - Mills River, NC

So surgery is scheduled for the 29th!!! or they will review it on the 29th????  don't worry the pending clinicals.  I would assume they have done most of what they will do, especially with this short time.  Hang on.  It's quite a ride.

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on 12/24/12 1:30 am
Thank you for replying. No the surg date is set up at the hosp for the 29th! Ill try not to swest it lol! Ok I will be sweating it! More nervous than a gnat in a hail storm!!! Lol
on 12/24/12 9:09 am

Congratulations on getting a date.

Do you have to do any type of pre-surgery diet?

Keep us updated.


14.5 lost pre-surgery  5'1 1/2"                                      LW-Apple-Gold-Small.jpg image by PlicketyCat
on 12/26/12 10:47 am
Well just found out im approved for sure! Yeah now for the real surg date !
on 12/26/12 6:54 pm - VA

WOOT!! Congratulations!



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