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on 8/1/17 6:42 pm - Grain Valley, MO has some great recipes. I printed a bunch today. I get tired of shakes every day and these recipes use protein powder in other ways. I've made their Peanut Butter Cups and liked them.

I've used Unjury protein and it is very good. Right now I have a good supply of Quest protein powder and will use that in place of Unjury.

If you want some tasty new dishes, check these out.


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Thanks for the info!!! I won't give up my Protein drinks...way to easy to get in every day but I would like to have other ways to add more "good" protein into my daily routine. I love peanut butter so I'm going to have to check it out.

I need to find a cheaper protein powder for this though. Mine is over $50.00 a container now. When you divide it up it's only around 25.00 a month and it's worth it for my drinks but I think I could get away with another brand for added Protein.


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