Less Than A Month To Go!!!

Feb 11, 2009

I'm starting to get a little nervous.

But I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.  In the past, when I would look in the mirror (which was rare to begin with), I would see myself as some slob. I  thought I was disgustingly ugly and hated myself....

Now? Not so much. When I look in the mirror now, the first thing I realize is that I'm NOT ugly. I'm fat, this is true- but aside from that, I actually DO have a pretty face... Maybe people weren't lying *LOL*)....

Now, instead of thinking "Ugh, what a cow", I see POTENTIAL.  I'm not gonna lie, I know that when I lose the weight, I will be beautiful.  That was hard for me to comprehend for a long time. I have been so focused on the bad for so long, that I never took the time to see the good!


I've started taking better care of myself in preparation for my life after surgery. For so long, I didn't bother doing anything with myself because I thought that there was no point-- Now, when I go out, I do my hair, I wear some jewelry, I put on a bit of make up... And you know what?  I feel good about myself!  

In the face of this life changing surgery, I have learned the most important thing I have ever learned: To love myself.

I sit here and go through the "Before & After" gallery on this site, and I'll tell ya, I cannot wait to have an "After" picture! 

Twenty-six more days....

I can't wait!


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