Update! (Copied from my Facebook page)

Sep 03, 2011

So, I know it's a major faux-pas for a woman to disclose her weight, but oh well. I just weighed myself on my mom's bathroom scale, and I have achieved my weight loss goal. I am officially 199 pounds! I have officially LOST 251 pounds!


Now, I need to start looking for a plastic surgeon. Once I get my stomach and my arms done, that will get rid of another 20 pounds at least! I am SO goddamn proud of myself right now. When I started my weight loss in 2008, all I wanted was to be under 200 pounds. I DID IT!! Im 6 feet tall, so not counting the skin to be removed, I am actually at a NORMAL weight!


I weigh less than I did prior to high school. I wear a smaller size than I did in middle school. I feel healthier than I have in my life.


I still have serious self-esteem issues, but right now, at THIS moment, I FEEL EFFING AMAZING!


Ok, I'm done............... for now!


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