15 days til SURGERY! 8 days PRE-OP diet

Mar 07, 2009

Okay, so it's officially a new start to my life as I know it now! It's scary but also exciting at the same time...in 15 days! I WILL be a different person!!! I can finally feel confident in public, in my clothes, in everything i do.. I know that I am not 'that' overweight some people will say..but being overweight/obese is still the same thing...Im jumping head first in everything now...my first time ever on a plane, out of country, and major surgery!! *wOw* Most people that I have told about my surgery are very supportive, and some that *try* to scare me...but they do not realize that I am doing this to become HEALTHY! (physically and mentally)...they never tried to scare me out of eating the fried or junk food... MOVING ON.... in 8 days I have to do the dreadful pre-op liquid diet, I did a "test" day to see how I could cope, and OMG! I thought I was literally gonna die! NEVER in my life have I just had LIQUIDS :::geez::: but I have to say for me the first couple of hours were *VERY* difficult since I was at work, and my cube mate had pizza for lunch ::[email protected]::: and PIZZA is my favorite! and I didn't give in! I was so proud of myself!


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