Holy Cow! I'm "NORMAL"

Mar 01, 2009

Wow!! So I'm "normal" now! How totally crazy is that! I can't believe I finally made it to the normal weight range. Although technically for my bone structure, I'm still overweight - small boned people of my height (5' 8") are supposed to be 125-139 pounds. We'll see how I look when I'm at 150 and go from there...Though with all my evil extra skin...who knows what my final weight will be after I get all that skin whacked off. LOL

Goal 1: Reached early March-
To reach Twoterville (under 300lbs)

Goal 2: I didn't make this one, and since surgery is past, it will not happen.  Reach 289 before surgery. 

Goal 3: Reached May 2, 2008 - BMI Under 40, which is 260 lbs (the weight at which I would not qualify for surgery).

Goal 4: Reached May 9, 2008 - Under 250 lbs

Goal 5: Reached July 11, 2008 - Be over half way to my goal - 232 pounds.  I will have lost 83 of 165 pounds.  82 pounds until goal.

Goal 6: Reached July 11, 2008 - BMI Under 35, which is 229 lbs (the weight at which I would not qualify for surgery with co-morbs)

Goal 7: Reached August 10, 2008 Weight of 214 - have lost over 100 pounds. Century Club!!!

Goal 8: Reached September 17, 2008 Make it to Onederland!  (under 200 lbs)

Goal 9: Reached September 17, 2008 No longer "obese" BMI, just "overweight" of less than 30 BMI: 199 pounds.

Goal 10: Reached November 5, 2008 Under 190 - this was my all time low weight of my adult life (which lasted a few months cuz then I got preggo).  And at that point, I will wear non-plus size clothes!! It was at 180, but there's no way I have ever weighed 180...I'm smaller now at 188 than I ever was even in middle school. Go figure! Can fit into size 10 jeans (one pair of 8's) and wearing L and XL shirts.

Goal 11: Reached January 2, 2009 To be under 175 (just because I need another goal
) -
25 pounds to my ultimate goal!

Goal 12: Reached March 1, 2009 Normal weight BMI less than 24.9 = 164 pounds. Ok...well I'm at 164.6 and my BMI is at 24.7!! Woo-Hoo!

Goal 13: Weight of 157 - I will have lost over half of my body weight - loss of 158 pounds!

Goal 14: 150 pounds. Evaluate to see if I feel I need to lose more.


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