Joseph Michaels

"Although I am only a week out, I am very pleased with all of my interactions with Dr. Michaels. I have to say that I feel like a new person and things have gone very smoothly. Dr. Michaels has a great vision and does an excellent job explaining what I should have expected and so far it has been right on! The procedure was done at Sibley hospital and all of their staff were amazing as well. This experience ranks right up there with my experiences with Dr, Peters with my RNY. I can not say how smooth this experience has been compared to my first round with my other surgeon who I was happy with, but had a lot of problems. I feel bad for Dr. Michaels because I keep waiting for something to go wrong! :-) Dr. Michaels really took his time in doing markings and it really paid off. I can not say Thanks you enough! I live 2 hours away from his office and was very concerned about being far away in case something should go wrong, but my surgery was on a Thursday and I was discharged on Friday. Dr. Michaels and Leah offered to find me a hotel and he would check in with my again on Saturday to make sure things would be good for the car ride home. I ended up riding home on Friday and have been fine ever since! In addition one would be remiss to not mention Leah. She is so patient and a complete pleasure to deal with. Unlike other offices I have dealt with she was always knowledgeable, but it it was a question for Dr. Michaels she quickly gave him the message and was quick to return my call. I owe a lot of thanks for both Dr. Michaels and Leah! "

Michael Peters Jr., M.D., FACS

"My first meeting with Dr. Peters went very well. He was very informative, caring, and a great listener. I had started the process with another surgeons clinic, but I never met the surgeon and felt uncomfortable with my decision. Dr. Peters office staff was very pleasant. After my original surgery I have had several complications that have lasted over several months. Dr. peters made a point to come visit EVERY DAY while I was at Christiana for an infection. It seems like he is always on call. I must say he is very responsive to any problems and always takes time to explain everything. He is also very knowledgeable about complications and other health issues that are not necessarily related to the bypass, but that do play a part in the whole person. (For example, my blood pressure can get REALLY low...Dr. Peters took time to look at all of the meds and to discuss what I should make sure not to take and things, more than the cardiologist explained!)"
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