Wii Fit Plus

Apr 01, 2010

Seriously I recommend this game to everyone. You can go as hard or as slow as you want and for as long which is awesome, and there is all sorts of fun exercise games. Plus the balance board that works with the game is also a scale which goes to 330lbs which is better then my home scale does.

It's also a lot of fun to laugh at other people when they look silly doing some of the activities. It's $108 ish canadian so it's expensive and you have to have the wii but I decided to do this instead of joining a gym right away and I am glad because I am self concious and working out in my living room is so much easier then going to the gym and feeling funny.

I do wii fit for half hour to fourty five minutes a day and also take my pup for a good walk. I have lost 47lbs so far and am feeling good, fitting into my old clothes and smiling more.

I think I would recommend this surgery to anyone who had the ability to follow the rules of the pouch. I've thrown up a few times but haven't dumped cus I haven't eaten sugar and am staying as far away from it as possible. Milk goes down good, and I found out that I like tofu, just don't know how to cook it.

I have found that my hormones have been a little crazy.... okay like ravenous wolf crazy but my bf is being very supportive about this. Right after the surgery I broke out in the worst case of acne I've ever had, but it's cleared up. Also a week out of surgery I got my little red friend which I hadn't gotten in like a year so that was good.


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