Apr 10, 2010

Okay I am just going to let it all out because I don't know who would understand this and I am tired and cranky now.

My boyfriend John is a good guy, but now that I've had the surgery he thinks that it's over. I mean he thinks all the hard stuff is over and doesn't understand why it's still hard for me to have self confidence, and to clean the entire house, and to walk ten miles. He has the mentality that acts like he thinks I have the body of a skinny person and I am just lazy. I worked out on wii fit for 15 minutes and I am tired, and he just said to me that I didn't do enough and that I shouldn't be complaining about being tired and stuff, but I am tired. Also I went to work today for the first time. I work on and off at a quilt shop helping out a friend. Sometimes I get paid in money (when she can afford it) and sometimes I get paid in quilting fabrics and supplies (which means I don't have to buy it). He said to me today that it isn't real work and that because I don't get paid for it that means it's fun time and not work time (even though I spent the time there working). I said to him does that mean that when I do house work that means it's fun time because I don't get paid to do it.

I had the surgery february 25th which is 6 and a half weeks ago and he thinks that now my whole life should be organized right. I feel like I am still healing and I am still new to this. I am trying to figure out if I should go to school in september or wait, and he doesn't understand why it's a hard decision for me. We got into a fight after I sat at my computer to play a game after I worked out today. He said that it's a waste of time when I could be exercising since I only did 15 minutes of wii fit today. I am so stressed out.


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