Mar 22, 2011

 what I wrote in the forum:

WoW I can not believe it has been 4 months already! the surgery feels so far away now. I have lost 65 pounds since then and I feel wonderful! I hit my first huge 2 week stall this month but still managed to lose about 8 pounds this month. things have started to move again on the scale. and believe it or not I was not even discouraged about the stall.. I mean really I have lost over half my goal weight in 4 MONTHS! I weighy myself every morning after I pee 3x's, its not a good habit for everyone but I like to know where I am and even gaining a pound or not moving doesnt seem to bother me because I know I am doing everything I need to be doing and im probably just losing inches.

I am in a size 14 I could be in a size 12.. Im still wearing my 16's which are way too big, makes my butt look saggy, but I live in sweat pants and tshirts so who knows haha.. One of these days I will go clothes shopping I just know when I finally do I will probably go crazy.. My confidence has sky rocketed I can now stand to look at myself an the mirror and not cry, at least not cry tears of sadness. My husband and I have become 100 x's more intimate and he has gotten 50x's more affectionate. he loved me before but he really loves me now.. haha.. 

Now my mother is considering having the sleeve done and I am doing everything I can to make her feel comfortable about the procedure and what all it entails. she weighs 20 pounds less than me when I had the procedure done but she has comorbidites while I did not. so heres to crossing my fingers she gets approved. 

I feel so good that if I did not lose another pound I would not be upset. My goal is 140 (38 more pounds) but It might be revised I said I would get to 160 and then re evaluate if I need to keep losing, people look at me and think im already 140-150. so I dont want to look sickly lol.. 

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