Jun 06, 2007

Well I had my eval and it seemed to go ok. I liked Brad alot he was very caring and understanding. I have to be on a 3 week diet, to make sure I can follow the program. So my next meeting with him is on June 15th. After that I can set up my last appointment with Dr. Glass. Insurance turn in and away I go. It seems like I have been working on this for a lifetime and I want to move on.

May 21 2007

May 18, 2007

Well things have been moving along. I have stopped smoking, and then I started up again. So today my husband said ok I will quit with you. He is so sweet, he knows how important the surgery is to me. He will do what ever it takes to make this journey as healthy as possible. He didnt want me to have the surgery at first. He was affraid of all the things that could go wrong. But thanks to OH he understands and he is with me all the way.

I still have to meet with Brad for my pchy eval and then they are ready to send the packit into insurance. I have Medicare and when I phoned them they told me that I would have a answer in 72 hrs. that is there goal. So I am looking at the end of July the first of August 2007.

Well today was a fun day. I went to Dr. Glass office to surprise Connie D. at her  appt. She has been so worried about things I felt she needed some extra support. She was so happy to see me there. We then went and had a quick bite to eat and went to our support meeting. I love the meetings people are so kind and they give you information that you can get nowhere other than a person that went thru it. 

I just cant get the ants out of my pants. I am just going crazy about the eval tomarow. I have never done something like this in my life. Well I will write again after my meeting with Brad I hope I only have to go to him once. Because I saw someone else earlier this year.

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