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Apr 04, 2010

It's official....April 23rd is the big day!! I have already started the pre-op diet, I'm actually 4 days in and not bad so far, plus I'm down 6 pounds already!  Of course the diet is not great but I was so prepared for feeling like I want to die on it that it hasn't been as bad as I prepped myself for, but I still have some time before surgery!

I went to my pre-op last week and it seems my dr is more favorable for me to have RNY than lap-band.  I never, ever considered RNY and was dead against it for myself.  After talking to the dr and getting family/friends support I am now leaning more towards RNY.  I have an appt with my nut tomorrow to talk about diet after RNY to make my final decision.  I have also solicitated advice from friends that had RNY and would be happy to hear others after RNY daily eating habits/meals.

I will post when I make my final decision on RNY vs. lap-band. 


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