8 weeks pregnant

Nov 02, 2009

So this is my 8th week...everything is going well, other than feeling nausea all the time! Blah! But this little baby is so worth it. I am on the pregnancy after weight loss forum and when I read some of the posts I get so fearful that something bad is going to happen to the baby, becuase it happens to others (which I am so soory for their scares/losses)...Michael and I just really want to have a baby and be happy!!!! So I am thanful to god and pray for him to keep us safe.

I had a scare with swine flu, a family I work with (I am a case manager)  got it and I was exposed to them, so I have been on Tamiflu since last Tuesday, will be done on Thursday, can't wait to be done it....and I will get my vaccines at the OB on Friday.

We bought the baby crib and changing table last week and this past Sunday Michael and my sisters husband put them together...Looks so good to have abby stuff in the house! The crib bedding set will be here at the end of the week- its NoJo Jungle Babies, so excited! My little one is going to love it I just know it!!!!

So thats all for my psot for now....other than my due date was offical given June 14th 2010. So I will most likely be in the hopsital with baby on ony one year surgiversary- June 15h...how weird! Life is funny like that sometimes.

Hop everyone is well and happy, and welcome holidays, my favorite time of year for shopping and being with family!


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