Oct 04, 2010

 had my last appointment with the surgeon today,, he was happy with my weight loss... i lost 6 pounds this week. im officially 2 pounds under the weight he wanted me at... and i still have 3 more days of liquids,, and also the nasty  poopin prep.... made my reservations for the motel the night before surgery,, cause i have to be in the hospital at 430 am so worried ill over sleep or something stupid to mess things up.... im basically all full of worries! so now im relaxing drinking a cup of decaff pumpkin spice coffee with equal and sugar free powdered creamer.... wednesday i start my complete clear liquid i bought orange and yellow sf jello,, pear juice apple juice, and chicken broth,, i think ill be fine.. its seeming too cold here for popsicles so i havent had any of those in days
more into the warm stuff now..... my surgeon still doesnt know if ill be an open or a lap... im not happy not knowing.. but ill take wat i can get,,,plus he seemed to have had a preference with my surgery, he said he woulda liked to do the sleeve on me , but my insurance doesnt cover it,,, im wondering why he woulda chose that one instead... any ideas?  i have officially lost 153 on my own so far,, im so proud of that,, but still disgusted to see im still humungusly obese.... to get to my actual goal weight i still have 307 pounds to lose,, but its possible.. ill keeep working at it!


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