1 week later...to the day

Oct 14, 2010

 whew, i had a rough week. thought most of my pain and irritation was from my surgery,, but i think most of it was a reaction to the morphine and then from the vicotin,,, i stopped all  meds last night,, and yes im still sore. but im alive. im able to be up and around now. not laying here like im half dead.. i actually get excited thinking i get to go weigh in at the dr office tomorrow... im hoping ive lost something,, i sure havent ate much of anything,,, i did blend 2 oz of cottage cheese last night and took a half hour to eat it,,, i dont think i enjoyed anything as much as that small meal!i hadnt chewed anything in 22 days.. i didnt get sick or uncomfortable. but very satisfied,, i dont think i had ever paid that much attention to my body... im hoping i get to hold on to that . today i stayed on my full liquids though.. tomorrow actually started yogurt n cottage cheese.. and cream soups.. i have to remember if the soups are 2 oz also or are they like broth where you can sip them... everything gets confusing


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