Panniculectomy scheduled (finally!)

Aug 01, 2009

Back in February, my surgeon told me that in the later summer or fall, she'd take my pannis off.  She said that it would just have to go since it was going to be a burden.  At the time she estimated it to weigh over 60 lbs.  Back in late April, before we knew I'd be in the hospital for 42 days and have a gtube for 7 weeks, she told me it would be August.  Well...because of all that happened, I'm finally scheduled for November 4, 2009. 

She estimates that she'll take at least 40 lbs of skin/tissue off.  That's craziness! 

A couple of weeks ago, I had a consult with a plastic surgeon.  Dr. Pratt wanted to find out if I should have a lower body lift.  The plastic surgeon said that because of my recent health issues, she didnt feel comfortable doing ANY procedure and the chances of me having complications (mostly wound not healing issues) is near 100%.  

Thanks for the vote of confidence, lady!

I'm really looking forward to it happening.  I know the recovery is gonna be a bitch.  I know my mom is gonna have to take my kitty for 2 months or so while I recover (he likes to lay on my abdomen while I'm in bed).  I know I probably will have healing issues...and that because I have so much weight to lose, I may have to have this done again down the road.

But...40+ lbs will be gone from my body.  I will be able to walk up stairs for the first time in 3-4 years.  I will be able to have my nephew sit on my actual lap!  Clothes will be so much more fun to try on/wear. 

I cannot wait!


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