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Nov 02, 2010

Well, I'm moving to CT to my bf's townhouse on 11/14.  We're getting married 12/11.  Trying to deal with the logistics of a move and a wedding at the same time is stressing me out!

The end results are very much worth it.  I just need to breath and get through the chaos for a bit.  Things will inevitably settle down and be fantastic. :)

I went to see a plastic surgeon that my surgeon recommended to me.  I had seen her last July right after the gtube came out and I was in the midst of...well...everything.  (see previous entries for details!)  I was pissed at her comments because it wasn't what I wanted to hear....I thought she was horrible.

This time?  She was great.  My mental and physical state at the time had totally skewed my view of her.  To make a long story short, I'm having a brachioplasty and thigh lift on Dec 29th.   I've lost 350 lbs and have so much extra skin it's not funny.  She said it's gonna make a huge difference...and I know it will.  Jeans are gonna fit me so much better! 

Eventually I'll have an abdominoplasty, LBL, and breast lift and/or implants.  I'm not worried about those at this point because my soon to be husband and I want to start a family within the next 12-18 mos.  Having plastics pre-baby is just dumb.

The thing I'm probably most stressed out about is having to find a new therapist and psychiatrist.  My therapist has helped me so MUCH...gotten me through the darkest times in my life...

The thought of having to find someone I can even remotely be comfortable with....it scares me. 

Stay tuned, I guess.


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