Two years out!

Oct 14, 2010

Well, I had my two year post-op visit yesterday.  My labs are good!  My Vit D was a hair low but better than it's ever been (I picked up 2000 iu of dry D to take daily...see if that does the trick).  My iron is well within normal ranges but is trending downward so my doc wants me to take supplements. 

If that's all that's wrong with me at this point, I'll happily take it!

My life couldn't be any different now than it was 2 years ago.  I'm actually about to get married to a wonderful man and move to CT with him.  Life is good. :)  The wedding is Dec 11!

All the drama, all the problems, all the hospitalizations - both physical and otherwise...they've all been worth it.  I would have the surgery again in a heart beat. 

My surgeon has been following me very closely.  I've been exchanging daily emails with her for over a year now with my food for the day.  She said she's been learning a lot and is has asked if it would be alright to perhaps one day publish my diet in hopes of helping other post-ops.  It's an awesome feeling knowing I could potentially help others make the transition from as awful as things were to as good as they are now. 

That's about it.  I'm still reading every few days but don't really participate here much anymore.  This site has been an invaluable tool for me.


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