Alcohol abuse post surgery

Apr 10, 2021

Hi all, its been way too long. I'm 14 years out, still keeping all my weight off but been having all sorts of problems including legal problems due to alcoholism post surgery. I've researched many articles about how it affects absorption and gives a false read of what a BAC will be. 

This is my warning to everyone to look up all the different health risks and how you metabolize everything from food to alcohol.  Also, I'm hypoglycemic and severely anemic.  I'm facing yet another DUI charge due to the inaccurate testing and results. 

If I could afford a great, kick ass attorney to help me prove medical and scientific research and get me out of this nightmare I would!


March 27th 2014

Mar 27, 2014

Hello everyone. I know it's been forever again. I just wanted to give y'all a quick shout to say I'm now 7 years post-op and I've kept it all off! Loving life! (now if I can hit the $$ lottery)


Feb. 8th 2010:A long journey this past year and a half!

Feb 07, 2010

Hello everyone,
I just passed my 3 year anniversary of my  WLS and I'm holding steady around 150lbs. I'm soo terrible and keeping up now that life has gotten soo busy. I'm not sure if there is enough room here to put everything down that has happen since my last post.
Last time I wrote I had gotten a promotion to supervisor and was still living at the ex-husbands (will FINALLY be final on March 4th 2010) house. My daughter and I moved out on July 14th 2008 and into a very nice home of a lovely friend of ours. The house was just the right size...on the top floor but had a huge basement and laundry room. The front and back yards were enormous and ended being way more than my broken down back could manage. (enter major problem  #1 between me and the landlords) I had an MRI on my lower back in August of 2008 white revealed 3 bulging discs in my lower THAT'S what is causing all my pain!!! So the yard was difficult if not impossible for me to keep up with not to mention with my new position and driving all the way to West Farm left me barely anytime to eat when I got home and go straight to be. This wore on my daughter and thus...started a rough and painful downward spiral with both of our healths and emotions.  I had lost another 15+lbs that I didn't need to lose which brought me down to 138lbs and  very unhealthy. In fact I ended up in the ER dehydrated, enemic, low blood pressure and my heart was confused on what I needed it to do. I was worn out. That was like mid-Novemeber '08.
I had been running hard a ragged and I continued to do so despite what my Dr's and my body needed. I beefed up my vitamins, water and nutrition intake and it seemed to help. (by this time I had also gone through 3 cortisone injections in my back which were doing little to help.)
I loved my work and the people I got to work with. Everything came crashing down in what I, as well as literally hundreds of others, believe was not only a decision riddled by jealousy but also to make an example!  I was following proper procedures as I knew them with contacting dispatch about a situation I found myself in and followed her instrutions. (for legal reasons I can go into details) and found myself unltimately suspended for 40 work days without pay but also demoted back to bus operator. A devastating blow on several levels. 
From the end of March really all the way until just before the beginning of the '09-'10 school year I was living in a very dark and depressing place. My daughter and I went through sheer hell. By September '09 we had been evicted from our house, my car was repossed and we were homeless...for 2 1/2 months. Thank God we had some friends that let us stay with them for a short while. 
I fought my case and at this point I will have to take it to court if I choose to do so. 
Now, as I sit here and type this, we are comfortably enjoying our cute little apt. and can afford to live again. We have come across soo many blessing in this past year even though it was difficult to see many of them. 
We are doing awesome and I love being back on my school bus and being around children and doing what I love!!! 

I will write more later...I if this wasn't long enough but I have soo much more to tell everyone!!!!
Love and hugs to all,
Until then... 

I am a bad bad girl...

Jun 18, 2008

June 18th 2008

Hello everyone, sorry I've been screamin' busy and really needed to reconnect with all of you. 
Where to start? Well, my husband and I have been separated for the better part of this last 8 months. I have my own bedroom in the house currently because it's soo expensive to move out. I'm looking though. We get along as long as we don't discuss marriage or disciplining each other's kids. He doesn't kwow how to be a husband or a masculine man. I get kissed like a kindergardener. We haven't been intimate in almost a year and that shouldn't count. I have to say though I'm not sad. I know how to be alone and I also know better now what I want and what I won't settle for. It's sad that our marriage didn't work and there is NO possible reconciliation. I think I tried to make excuses for his behavior and take all the blame but one thing I've learned in the past two years is who I am and who I want to be and I'm strong, courageous and confidant. 
I also just got a promotion. I am now a Supervisor and will work 12/months and get a $5.00 an hour pay raise. Pretty darn good I would say. I owe soo much of my new life to my wonderful surgeon. He is humble and doesn't take the credit redily but he really should. If he could feel what's in my heart and know how incredible this journey has been from where I sit he would certainly celebrate his gift a lot easier. 

Man, it's going to take me several posts to get all caught up with everything that's been going on just since February. Just know I'm doing great and the girls are too. Really I think it's a relief for Erik as well. It's healthy to be honest and call it a day. He doesn't want to be a husband or have a wife anymore than I want him to be my husband or to be a wife! I'm starting my next turn of my life and I feel beautiful, successful and sexy. 


...until then...

Man I'm behind on posts....sorry

Feb 11, 2008

February 12th 2008

Interesting, this was suppose to be my surgery date last year instead I had surgery on the 5th of Feb. A year goes fast my friends.

I can't believe the year I've had; it still feels like the most wonderful dream. I got a great job with awesome benefits, cut my hair short and cute, went on a months vacation with my family to Washington State, lost 133lbs and now for my new birthday/anniversary I, for the very first time in my life, bought a brand new car. Not just any car; a car I've wanted since High School. Now I know some of you may say "what, that's your big dream car" well yeah I suppose it is and it became even more of a dream car when I was so heavy because I couldn't imagine ever being able to fit in it. I bought a brand new 2007 VW New Bettle. I love it!!! It's a 5spd stick manual and drives like a race car. It's soo much fun and my kids are over the moon. Best of all, I look cute driving Lil' Bug...that's her name! I can see the seat between my legs and on either side of my legs when I'm sitting down in it. Pretty amazing if you ask me! I still have my 90 Dakota Sport 4wd, never get rid of that truck "she" knows too much and we've been through too much together, besides I do all the work on it and she runs great!! I know I have names for my cars and refer to them as the girls but that's my thing. 
I've been soo busy as you can tell and I'm still writing my book and making jewelry. Look at me and all my energy. Never thought it would be possible. 
Life is soo good and I'm soo happy with myself...that sounds wonderful!!!

Until then....

Soo weird...

Dec 21, 2007

December 21st 2007

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! I can't believe how fast this year has gone. This time last year I weighed 282lbs and I never thought a year from then I would be sitting her telling you all that I'm at 149lbs, wear a size 8 and can wear my 13 year old daughters size 7 pants. WHAT! Too weird for me and her as well. 
Today was the last day of school before winter break and let me tell ya, I'm pooped. I've been running ragged for the past few weeks. I'm having a blast though and I LOVE my job. I really enjoy driving school bus. It's very rewarding in soo many ways it's just hard to explain. The people I work with really nurture my soul and it's them that make it fun to come to work and just the cherry on top that I really like my kids. I guess that's the best Christmas gift I'm getting this year is to be appreciated and love what I do. 

The bonus is I'm comfortable with myself inside and out. Life is great!

Love to all of you, have a safe and Happy Holidays and I pray the new year brings much joy to each of you....
until 2008 (unless I post with my christmas goodies...)....

My first "fat girl" moment since wls

Nov 25, 2007

November 25th 2007

I know that sounds weird but since I'm at "my" personal goal and have had some time to reflect a bit I thought I would post this moment I had about a week ago.

I had ran into Starbucks for an espresso and a piece of lemon pound cake, before you say a word I usually take two to three days to finish it if I do. Well, I had paid for my coffee and cake and took the cake down to the pick up counter to wait for my coffee. I was a bit hungry so I picked at the cake. There was a younger couple, two ladies and a tall guy that had come in and were in line to order. At different times I felt or saw them look at me. I thought they were saying "look at that fat lady eating cake, she sure doesn't need that" and they really weren't but it was a strange thing to feel like I was being watched because I was the fat lady eating cake. It was so depressing. I turned away, stuffed the rest of my bite in the bag, grabbed my coffee and rushed for the door. I couldn't leave fast enough. The problem is, I'm wearing a size Large top and size 10 jeans loose which I went shopping to try on size 8 and they all fit so what was my problem. Conditioning plain and simple. Before I had dropped into a size 10 I was fine I had been all those other size mostly 14 and up for soo long that it was never an issue it was safe to just be. Now people are looking again and I have to remember that I look good and have a figure and maybe they liked my sweater or my jeans. Maybe they were looking at the earrings I wore...and made myself. 

I do find I look in the mirror a lot more now days and it's mostly because I'm trying to get used to the pretty lady looking back at me who looks healthy and happy. I guess the work is just beginning...

Until then....

I've been soo stinkin' busy...

Nov 15, 2007

November 15th 2007

Sorry I haven't posted in a while it's been crazy around here and at work. I'm officially .4lbs below my goal of 155lbs. I can't believe it and I'm really typing that. It's still hard to wrap my brain around. I was at Starbucks today and while I was waiting for my latte I had a moment where I thought everyone was starring at me because I was fat. It was very weird and something I don't ever want to go through again. I do feel good and I think I look pretty good, could tone a bit more but I'm really not complaining. 

Sometimes I walk by the mirror and don't recognize myself and I have to stand there for a second longer and really study myself. I also feel like I'm falling back into a deep depression even some co-workers have been asking me if I feel alright and I guess I really don't emotionally. I don't think my marriage will survive and that's really been weighing hard on me since financially I couldn't manage right now. My husband is soo cold and distant and I feel my heart breaking more and more everyday. I find myself leaving for work a little earlier because I just need to be around people that I have fun with and who make me feel good. It's kind of sad that I have to leave home to feel loved. 

I'm already on medication I think that's why I haven't ripped things apart or had a nervous break down yet. I just feel stuck and I did it myself. My husband doesn't even touch me let alone compliment me and I feel pretty most days. It's really messed up!

Enough complaining...I need to get ready for bed so I can welcome a new day with my friends. (My baby girl is wonderful through this whole thing so I do have love at home just not a husband.)

Until then....


Sep 15, 2007

September 15th 2007

OK I know I just posted two days ago but I had to squeel with glee for a moment. 

I really needed to go to the store and buy some smaller pants, I know poor me, and I really thought that I would be lucky to squeeze into a 12 but knew they would eventually get comfortable and maybe, God forbid, get loose.

Well, I tried the 12's on...guess what...they were too big! Totally not even kidding! So just for laughs I grabbed a 10, unheard of in my lifetime, and they fit. They fit soo nicely that I bought three pair! I just can't even believe it, a 10!!! Me in a 10 when last Christmas I was in a very tight 24 and tight 3X. I'm soo blown away. My husband's jaw dropped when I told him that the 12's were too big and I had to get a 10, it dropped even more when I put them on at home and modeled them for him! Hmm, guess he taken some notice....

Until then...

Seems funny

Sep 12, 2007

Sept. 13th 2007

Yesterday at work one of my supervisors said it looked like I had lost a lot of weight since I started working there. The funny part is I started driving bus in May so they haven't seen the "half" of me I've really lost

As of this morning I'm at 170lbs. It seems weird that my goal of 155lbs is soo close to my reach. I was skeptical of getting to 170lbs so being here and this close is amazing. 

The other good news, well sort of, is that all my size 14's are baggy. That's awesome since I'm anxious to get into a 12 but that means I have to buy ALL new pants because I don't have a single pair of 12's in my house! I have a lot of 14's though. 

I've been having fun wearing Levi shorts, as silly as that sounds I've always wanted to wear a cute little pair of Levi shorts and now the 34 waist's are baggy and the 33's are just right. I wear my work clothes a little looser because I'm sitting in the bus for 6+ hours a day. 

I just can't believe I'm posting this weight and these sizes. 
Oh, my bra was a size 40DD/E when this all started and now is a 36C,
Underwear was a size 11 snug and is now 7/8 (depending on the brand)
My shirt size is Women's Large and Men's Medium
Pretty cool, all my clothes are WAY too small for my husband! That's never happened!

Feeling great and taken care of me!

Until then...

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