09/2006.. NINE MONTHS POST-OP, weight 150

Oct 19, 2006

-6 pounds for the month of September.. same as August, so maybe this is my new trend?   I have been taking lots of pictures. Some for my mom, cos she has been asking and also because like my daughter mentioned to me.. that I have been "missing" in such a large chunk of pictures from her childhood... for one- because I was the photographer and for two- because I have always been ashamed of my weight. The rest are for me.. to see the difference. Sometimes I see it, still other times I don't. Sometimes I even feel like that even isn't me in the pictures I take. I still feel so ugly and obese. Issues right? I am praying about it.

08/2006.. EIGHT MONTHS POST-OP, weight 156

Oct 19, 2006

-6 pounds for the month of August.. s l o w e st month losing yet!  But lots went on late July and into August. I am happy ..kind of, yet have so many other things weighing on me. I was 155 for a few days, but my friend the scale read 156 most currently ;)  This is rough. Sometimes it feels like a dream, sometimes I can't remember how it all got started. Sometimes I get angry for letting myself go as bad as I did.. I know I have to forgive myself, there are all sorts of healings-in-progress that have come to a head in this last month. God is good.

07/2006.. SEVEN MONTHS POST-OP, weight 162

Oct 19, 2006

-10 pounds for the month of July. I stalled there for a while, but figured it was again due to the time out I have been post-op PLUS the addition to a different excercise regime. I added .5 miles to my 1.5 mile jog, stilll doing a 20 minute Winsor Pilates workout, started a worksite Wellness Program and walking 1 mile in the morning with co-workers before work AND going to the gym with Linda 1-2xs a week. It has been a little discouraging not seeing the pounds drop like before, but since I am so much closer to goal I have to remember that I have been through a lot. So..  I guess the only other thing I might have to add in this post is that I have changed my goal weight again. Originally, my goal weight was 150. Well, that is 12 pounds away from now and I believe I will not be happy with that anymore considering what I know I can do and how much further I believe I have yet to go. My second goal weight was 140, against my surgeon's goal of 130, lol... I just didn't wanna disappoint myself, ya know? But this work-out thing kicks ass and I think I just might be able to reach that goal for myself. Nothing is impossible for me anymore... so now I have just 32 more pounds to lose. Yeah, I think I can do it :)

06/2006.. SIX MONTHS POST-OP, weight 172

Oct 19, 2006

-10 pound less since last month ... not too shabby. But the best will have to be that I can officially say goodbye to OBESITY and HELLO to just being OVERWEIGHT (YAY!!). My BMI is 29.5 .. that in itself makes me wanna cry tears of joy. Yesterday was my 6 mth surgiversary, but decided to wait a day since today was my 6 mth check-up with dr. Wilson. He and another doc noticed my extreme loss of hair and suggested zinc and flaxseed oil. Yup.. that's what I am getting next paycheck. AND they said I am ahead of my "scheduled" losing by 10 pounds :)  I pressed the dexascan again and since I am popping everywhere almost everytime I get up, sit, or move they thought it wise. I also got labs done. They both kept staring at my work badge.. how I wished I knew what they were thinking... I asked about cold hands and feet and they said that was normal too.. being thin kinda sucks in that sense.. being cold all the time. I love the cold and miss my insulation.. a VERY little bit.  Ok... I think that's about it. I see him in 6 mths. I skipped picture taking last month cos I was kinda down about things. But I will have to this month because I promised a certain friend I would.

05/2006.. FIVE MONTHS POST-OP, weight 182

Oct 19, 2006

-8 pound less since last month ... looks so, so sad huh? And it is. It is extremely difficult to not see the scale move.. BUT where it make up was in the loss of inches! My stomach looks a bit less flabby and that is due to my walking, the ab lounger, the other daily 200 mini sit-ups and the Winsor Pilates that I have been occupying myself with. Month 5 has been the slowest at losing weight and it makes me wonder if this is how the rest of the ride is gonna be.. I can't complain.. I would like to lose 40 more pounds.. but they say we lose for 18 mths right?  And that pretty much covers my 5 month summary. Will try and post pictures this weekend. God is great.

04/2006.. FOUR MONTHS post-op, weight 190

Oct 19, 2006

What can I say? These last 4 months of my life have been so new that I sometimes have to take a step back and actually try to soak it in. I have lost a total of 77.5 pounds. My personal goal used to be at 150, but I have lowered down a bit to 140 since it's a happy medium from the 130 the docs told me about the last time I had a checkup. And I think I can totally do it.   And that pretty much covers my 4 month summary. Ooo I almost forgot.. I donated blood today. It went smashingly great. I was actually comfortable in their little chairs and didn't have the oo-no-I'm-gonna-break-it fear. God is great.

03/2006.. THREE MONTHS post-op, weight 208

Oct 19, 2006

I AM 208.. HEAR ME ROAR! Just kidding, but I am SO excited to be 208. I finally decided to buy new undies since in one of the forums I belong to a lady had an incident where her panties feel off her body whilst she was shopping and the only thing stopping them was her pantlegs. YIKES! So yeah... besides the big mama briefs I always used to get, I decided on buying me some low-rise hispters (size 7). They are toooo cute. I have lost 59.5 pounds and have shaved off a wee bit more than 10 points off my BMI so far. I am mostly in 18s.. might/could be smaller but I have a W-I-D-E waistline and that'll be the hardest thing for me to "shape". I found a size 16 shirt my Mom had bought me years ago and it fit nicely. I also found something WONDERFUL. I wasn't a very big milk-drinker before surgery, and am not now.. but HEB sells this wonderful lactose-free milk called MooTopia.. and it is to die for. Both nutritionists at the clinic I work for absoluetly love it for me and I've taken just fine to it (regular and chocolate) but I know I should ask my doc on Tuesday about it. It has less sugar and more protein than regular skim and/or 2% milk... and of course the calcium, always the calcium. It's been great so far.. I can't believe it's been 3 months already. I did have a moment of weakness last weekend and a bite of a do-nut and it hit me hard. Boy did it taste good but ohhh did the pouch NOT like it. I learned my lesson though. The thought of putting sugary bread in my mouth makes me wanna vomit, lol. Ohh.. and I have a NECK, who'd have thought?!?! Rock on!

02/2006.. TWO MONTHS post-op, weight 220

Oct 19, 2006

I looked at myself the other day in the mirror.. and felt like nothing was different. Besides having the 6 little mini-scars, at that moment it felt as if I hadn't had WLS. I remember being kinda hungry, since I was picking up the house and in my head I was already preparing what I was going to fix for dinner so it just hit me all at once how far I have truly come in these two short months. I survived the horrid two weeks after surgery where my own spit makes you gag and wanna vomit, where my sense of smell was magnified and I only felt peace with my nose in my own room, when I couldn't sleep on my stomach or sides cos of the pain and how I needed a stool in that bathtub just so I could shower. How far I have come from broths and yogurt. And yes I still have so much to learn.. and it has been great. I learned a lesson from eating chicken wings.. which has been really the only "consequence" I have faced so far. I have lost 47.5 pounds in 2 months.. which is far better than the 50-pounds-gone-by-my-3rd-month personal goal :) I am still working on my protein and water.. don't know when I will be a "pro", so I will continue to work at it.

01/2006.. ONE MONTH post-op, weight 230 (SW 267.5 // HW 300)

Oct 19, 2006

Today is my one month anniversary! I am excited. I have had to learn to live life differently and I love it. I enjoy not spending riduculous amounts of time eating and stuffing myself and feeling guilty afterwards. Now it's a life living in a healthier frame of mind to nourish my body. I walked 1.5 miles again last night and I am feeling it now.. feels good. I even got some good results with the experimenting of mixing fruits with my protein and it didn't taste so bad.. just have to get my mind and stomach accustomed to it, this new routine. Also.. going through clothes that I haven't been able to fit into since 2000 has been a great reward. Seems unreal that fitting into old clothes could make one so happy, but it has. I now weigh what I used to when I was 25. And it's only gonna get better.. gonna work on pics :)

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