2021.09.27 - CW 188 (-48#)

Sep 27, 2021

So my morning brought me a good surprise/start! I am officially in the 180's club. Yay! I went to the park last night and walked my fastest time yet.. 3.04 miles in 58 mins 26 secs. So proud. I have an 11am meeting with the physical trainer so he can teach me some simple upper body stretches/exercises. Our first meet was last week and he was very nice, in a stern way.. lol.

On the foods front - doing well. My pouch reset was extremely sucessful. She is the boss of me again. I have been mindful of the fact that I do NOT have to finish my plate (even if it was a small/proper serving).. I am relearning to wrap it up or throw it away. Bad eating habits had crept up in the last few years.

On the clothes front  - Oo man.. I have missed some of the old hoodies I couldn't fit anymore.. and other clothes that have missed being worn in my closet, haha. Those NSV are awesome.

On the health front - well.. my watch sent me some alarming reports last night. I couldn't completely understand the results but the jist is that as it's been recording my physical activites for months, it has noticed a pattern. When I do exercise, I still have "low cardio fitness", that "may be due to low levels of physical activity or a medical condition". It goes on to say that "low cardio fitness can be a predicator of long-term issues like type-2 diabetes, colon cancer, cardiovascular and coronary artery disease, dementia and Alzheimer's." So I gotta raise that VO2 (the body's ability to take in, circulate and use oxygen). Fuck. I mean.. yay.

Trying to stay positive.

I have also decided to change my goal weight. I am now striving towards 130# as a Goal Weight.. so that means I have lost 48# with 58# to go. I can do this.

Good day to all 




2021.09.23 - CW 193 (-43#)

Sep 23, 2021

Half-way down to 150# you guys! I hadn't even noticed until I updated my ticker just now that I am HALF-WAY there!! I would never have imagined going down this journey again. At first, my brother and mother were very much supportive.. but just as life is.. things get complicated and they stopped (because they had also adapted to lower-carb foods) but that is slowing down very much. I can't control them.. don't want to, but I also can't let it break my spirit. I have worked too damned hard for this. My daughter is still very much my #1 cheerleader.. I love her to bits. She was 13 yrs old when I had surgery in 2005.. she's about to turn 29.. very different support.

The mini-vacay in California was awesome. I spent the week with my youngest brother and his kids. I cooked as much as I could and they ate it, haha. I splurged once or thrice, but I got right back up on that horse! It certainly did kick-start some cravings, but I am taking care of those. And despite it all, I do feel blessed.



2021.09.12 - CW 195 (-41#)

Sep 12, 2021

So I made it on my 10-day pouch reset. It really wasn't that bad. I can tell the difference.. pouch has definately been reset.. I feel fuller quicker (not full from the brain, but from the pouch), I enjoyed broths MUCH more this time around (lol) & I managed to lose 4# within the 10 days. I am about to go on a mini-vacay so I am nervous without my staple foods.. but will take snacks and almonds to help until I can shop for shakes & such.



2021.09.01 - CW 197 (-39#)

Sep 01, 2021

So after doing some serious reseach into a new vitamin regimen (thought about getting patches first, but then decided on liquid vitamins), I found a link for doing a pouch reset. Here is the link in case anyone is interested: 


Today is day 1 (of 10) but for the last 2 days I decided to fast on protein shakes, water, tea and sugar-free jello.. just to slow the roll, lol. It was okay. I have lost 4# just in 3 days. Mind blowing.

I hope that everyone is doing well on their journey. I'll try to report in a few days. For sure on day 10 



2021.08.27 - 15y/8m PO, CW 201 (-35#)

Aug 27, 2021

Hello, hello. I was so happy to have re-found this blog! I wonder how many of the beautiful souls I shared this journey with are still active? I hope to reconnect, that's for sure.

After my last entry, in 2007 and 14-mths post op.. I was very down and quit relying so much on accountabilty. Well, that and battling cancer twice. With meds and steroids I ballooned back up again. Don't get me wrong.. I hovered at 140# for years. I still consider myself a success-story because of all the hard work that I did after my life-changing surgery. I'd do it again in a heartbeat and still an advocate for WLS!

Well, now the world is a much different place. In the beginning of the pandemic, all I did was stress-eat. All the food I bought for "emergency/just in case" ended in my mouth shortly after. I gained about 30# to my already 200# frame. After I got my head straight.. I focused on exercise, low carbs and that protein, protein.. protein, haha. I am SO HAPPY to report that after sooooo many years I finally like protein shakes, haha.

So I am back on my journey to this lifestyle change that I let get away from me. As of June 1, 2021 I weighed 236. As of Tues 8/24, I weighed 201.. so a 35# weightloss has occured! My goal weight, for now.. is 150. I have 51 more pounds to lose. I can do this!



02/2007.. FOURTEEN MONTHS POST-OP, weight 140

Mar 05, 2007

Well, I didn't even wanna update this month's progress, because I did not p r o g r e s s ..  I felt like I digressed  :(   I gained 3 more pounds.  And before I rip the rest of my hair out... I really gotta believe that it's due to these 4-day a week intense work-outs I have become accustomed to.  I mean, really.. my clothes aren't the least bit tight.  As a matter of fact, my size 7's are slightly loose and the size 5-6 skirt that Sabrina gave me a few months ago doesn't restrict my breathing at all (since the first time trying it on).. So I know I can't beat myself too bad for this.  But I feel like shit.. seeing the scale move up instead of down like REALLY fucks with your head.  My appetite is good.  Since starting going to the gym and having crazy-appetite, it has finally curved and I'm learning how to eat again.. with the new schedule and all.  I no longer like my beloved Gatorade Rain.. and some juices.  I am trying really really hard to up my water since the iron is seriously constipating me.  I had bought some Colace and Peri-Colace.. but they don't help much  :\   My clothing is a little looser.  I haven't bought anything new still.. but the itch is there.  I keep wondering what size I will end up after I lose these last 20 pounds..  so I keep waiting.  The jeans I don't worry too much about cos I'm sure my waist will stay around the same, and if not.. a belt will fix that problem  ;)  Vitamins-wise .. doing OK.  Sometimes I forget to take the Vit. A and Calcium, but doing good for the most part.  Physically I feel good.  Some days I feel really tired due to the anemia.. but I feel like a champ for the most part, lol.  Especially after my first 5k run that I participated in the day after my birthday on February 24th.  My time was 37 minutes... LOTS of room for improvement.   Mentally I really think I should be on medication (I think, but I don't want to).  I haven't felt this up-and-down since the first few  months post-op.. and that was a year ago.  I'm feeling seriously bi-polar sometimes.  Some days are full of joy and/or not that bad and some days I just wanna lay in bed and cry.  And I feel for my daughter cos she is tending to herself.  She even comes in sometimes and asks if I want or need for something.  That girl.. how I love her.  For the most part, I feel like I am getting back on track.  I didn't realize how bad I let the holidays affect me, but they did.  Soon I will make my first appointment with a plastic surgeon and the third part of this journey shall begin...

01/2007.. THIRTEEN MONTHS POST-OP, weight 137

Jan 19, 2007

Like woah... the holidays kicked my ass. I had family come from outta town and saw some that I hadn't seen in years, and let's just say that the old me reared it's ugly face in and out. I rewarded myself with pecan pie and ate, and ate.. of course never as much as I would have had once upon a time.. but I didn't beat myself up about it. I gained 5 pounds overall during the holidays. As of the beginning of January, I started going to the gym, sometimes twice a day.. have started swimming (20 laps as of now) and doing 15 minutes on the eliptical machine.. then to the hot tub and dry heat sauna ;)   So.. I have lost 3 of the 5 pounds I gained since December and have started to wonder if I have also gained muscle.. cos I saw my personal trainer too and he is kicking my ass. Gotta love him. My clothes do not fit tight(er) at all and everything seems "normal". I guess it's just stranger than hell to see the scale go up. It's a new year and I am excited to see what it will bring.  My appetite is CRAZY! Since I started going to the gym like I am MAD hungry sometimes and that scares me a little, but everyone says it's normal. I hadn't upped my protein, but now more than ever I need to focus on this. SWEET TOOTH has come back with a vengeance.. gotta get this under CONTROL.  My clothing is the same. I have resisted buying new clothes cos I know once I lose these next 17 pounds, I will probably drop one more dress size and by then.. Jess and I will have SO much fun shopping!  Vitamins-wise .. doing alright. I finally figured out the balance between what to take and when and with what foods. So I have added my vitamin A, iron and fiber into my day. The joy...  Physically I feel tired and cold. I know it's my being anemic. I am taking more naps to feel "better" and they work most of the time. Going to the gym helps.. so it's a balance thing, too.  Mentally I think I am doing fair. Some days are good, some are not.   I have started looking into birth control.. cos one day I would like to have sex again, haha. What I have found interesting so far is the Mirena IUD. There are pros and cons to everything.. but this seems up my alley more than anything. All I need to do is schedule me a well-woman check-up now.

12/2006.. TWELVE MONTHS POST-OP, weight 135

Dec 19, 2006

It was SUCH a wonderful day..  -7 pounds for the month December. Can we say HELL YEAH!?! I was planning on a 3 pound loss.. but I stepped up on my protein and water and exercise and BAM.  My appetite is weird again. Some days I am hungry and enjoy food, other days it's nowhere near my thoughts. I make myself eat cos I know I should..  My clothing is YAY! I have bought some S tops and even fit into one of Aundrea's XS tops. Bottoms I am a comfy 7. Ring size I found out went from a 9 to a 6. A M A Z I N G.  Vitamins-wise .. doing good still. I upped my multivitamin.. just because of my weird eating schedule. I know I need to start taking iron, but I don't wanna deal with the constipation again. But getting turned down for blood donation sucked.. my iron was too low and it didn't sink, at all :(  Physically I rock. I love to jump and run and skip and even do jumping jacks. I love feeling light. I love and am starting to believe it when friends and family say I look great. I mean, I still have to look at pictures to really see it, but I'm getting better at it.  Mentally I am good overall. I fell in love again.. to someone who I know will be emotionally unavailable. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself. But I try to better myself .. and will be just friends if he so wishes. So I just miss him on some days..   Otherwise... I just bought a 3 year membership at Bally's. It's gonna rock.   Thank you God.. for being so good to me.

11/2006.. ELEVEN MONTHS POST-OP, weight 142

Nov 27, 2006

-5 pounds for the month of the TURKEY and for my daughter's 14th birthday (CAKE!).. can we say WOO-HOO?? I was a little nervous this last month due to the weightloss slowing down, but I have to just remember to keep myself in check ;)   My appetite is good. I used to worry when I wouldn't eat when I wasn't hungry.. trying to get that dam protein in.. but I know I manage. Food is still my friend, but just as RL friends need space in-between so does food and the pouch.. it's all good in moderation.  My clothing is blowing me away! I bought men's small tee-shirts from Old Navy.. otherwise I am a size M in women's styles. Bought some pants from Bouyakah and from TJ and both were size 7! They are low-rise and look decent on me.. I was pleasantly surprised, just have to work on my stomach some more. Shoes I think, will stay at a size 8.. which is just dandy considering I fluctuated between size 9-10 before.  Vitamins-wise .. doing good. People say I am looking a little pale, but I think that's me in the wintertime. We'll see what the doc says next month for my 1 year anniversary follow-up.  Physically I am great. Cold all the time, but happy with being cold due to being "thin" and not just because.  Mentally I am still all over the place. Still dealing with A and with T.. and now G, hehe. I had a mini-epiphany yesterday. I am just a vessel, with girlie parts. And that is all.

10/2006.. TEN MONTHS POST-OP, weight 147

Oct 19, 2006

-3 freaking pounds for the month of OCTOBER.. can we say pathetic?!?!? It was a rough month with the car accident and bad weather, but half of me says SO WHAT? I still can't afford a gym membership and the other part says YOU CAN STILL DO IT IF YOU TRY HARD ENOUGH.   And how could I forget... *DRUM ROLL* - my BMI is is the NORMAL range now!!! Can we say WTF?!?! But yeah... for 5 foot 4.5 inches AND for 5 feet 5 inches (I haven been measured at both heights)... I am within NORMAL limits! My God, I don't believe it, or see it.. but dammit, the math doesn't lie. I am actually NORMAL in some plane of existance!

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