Haven't blogged since March

May 05, 2015

Hi all, I'm sure nobody keeps up with me but to hold myself accountable I wanted to post a brief blog.  I had intended to do a one year surgiversary blog with pictures but so much has happened since my last blog.  My Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer, he was already not in the best of health but now he is fighting cancer and going through chemo with radiation therapy to possibly follow.  Then at the same time my husbands Mom who is also not in good health was hospitalized with heart problems.  She also has a lung disease and her health is in decline.  Anyway I've been visiting, visiting hospitals to see them.  My Mom in law is home now but isn't feeling well and my Dad is fighting.  My faith is strong, I know that live or pass away that each of them have eternal life in heaven, but naturally I want them to continue to live; but this life is only temporary.  I have faith in God but watching those we love struggle through major disease and sickness is hard, hard for anybody. 

Back on to my blog about my health; I've missed doing yoga for probably about 3 weeks now and feel out of balance; yoga gets the junk out of my life through meditation, prayer and focusing on breathing...so I'm currently out of balance with that.  I have still been exercising 4-5 days per week for an hour each session and I am still doing high protein.  With all the hospital visits I've missed my turkey bacon breakfasts but when I would have a biscuit from Jacks I would only eat 1/2 of it.  I'm still on plan even through the hard times.  I have also not blogged because my teenager has - well we have forced her to stop all social media, I had twitter which I cancelled.  Use your imaginations if you must...aside from her posting naked pics which we didn't find when we picked up her ipod the language and other pics were pretty bad so we got rid of it.  May seem harsh to some but it was getting out of control, she is only 14 and since she's been off social media she seems to be a nicer person back into crafts and actually talking to me.  Raising a teen is hard, I'm paying for all the bad things I did when I was a teen through some of these problems with her.  This is a rambling blog and for that I'm sorry, guess I just wanted to say I'm still here and alive and staying on plan even through all the stress; yoga will help with the stress so I've got to get back into pratice.  Loss is really slow and with my new goal being 175 I have 16 more pounds to lose.  I am still thankful for this new life and today thanked God for being able to walk up a huge hill without having to stop for a break or get out of breath, I am thankful that even though I'm still wearing most of my old bras for cup size that I now have to hook them on the last notch, I'm also thankful that after getting rid of all my fat clothes that I now have a new and complete wardrobe thanks to my husband and thrift store shopping.  I have bought some new things recently at a store called bargain town/maxway and am wearing a size 12 dress; I thank God and my Docs for these blessings.  Hope you are all having a great day, don't put yourself down no matter where you're at because you are beautiful; find that beauty by making peace with yourself.


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