As a young girl, I was always super skinny. Then came puberty - and obesity. I graduated high school in Dec. of 79 at well over 200 pounds, and an eating disorder clearly started. By summer of 79, I was in the hospital. If it were a few years later, I would have been identified as having an eating disorder, but back then they told me I was malnourished - and that was causing other health problems. I stopped starving myself, and started abusing Milk of Magnesia and exlax - as well as continuing to work out 3 to 4 hours a day. Then I met my husband. I started eating again, and stopped abusing those things. I kept my weight down to about 110, until I took fertility drugs. Those drugs caused me to gain an excess of 50 lbs. Didn't get pregnant until a year after quiting the fertility drugs. With my first pregnancy, I gained 70# and took very little off. My second pregnancy saw me pushing the 250 mark - and again I didn't take it off. The next 20 years were a seesaw of dieting - trying multiple diets and plans- and losing then gaining it all back. In 2000, my health took a turn for the worse. I missed almost three months of work. In 2005, I reached my heaviest recorded weight of 312 # and knew I had to do something... In April of 06, I had an appt with my pulmonologist and asked about WLS. He gave me a couple numbers. I called Dr. Graham and got an appt. that very same week - which was a miracle considering how busy this man is. I went in, met with the doctor, and filled out all the paperwork for insurance. By June, I'd done all the pych stuff, completed all the tests and was scheduled for surgery on June 14. Due to a cancellation, my surgery was moved up to June 8. I am currently at 212.5 #. And loving my new found confidence. I was afraid that my anorexia or bulimia would reenter the picture, but I have found a healthier way to live and am enjoying it. No regrets - except for maybe my hair loss (but hey, that will come back).  As of Thanksgiving, my hairloss has stopped.  I've not noticed any return of hair, but...;10708;3;0;0/c/-99.5/t/-143/k/b028/weight.png

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