My story I'm sure is the same as others posting here.  I cannot remember a time that I did not have the belly.  I have pictures of myself at I believe is age 9 with a belly protruding from an ugly blue plaid sheath-like dress (really flattering).  By the time I was in 7th grade I probably weighed 190, and had already been through Weight Watchers, the Cambridge liquid diet, slim fast and others.  But I still gained weight through high school.  When I graduated I was probably around 220.  I have dieted and worked out to no avail and basically gave up.  I'm now 50 years old and have pretty much missed out on my entire youth because I was tired of trying. 

Along the way I have brought along hypertension, edema in my legs, Migraines from hell, when I hit 49 perimenopause went into anxiety, which the psych said I have probably had underlying generalized anxiety disorder most of my life.  I take Efexor for that with an occasional xanax if it gets bad.  My latest addition is type-II diabetes; which I swore I would not let myself get to.  Best laid plans are just that, a plan.  So now I weight 280 and have added Byetta to my growing list of misery.

I talked to my physician, who by the way was the one that recommended the surgery to me, which almost never happens.  I was so shocked, because I was just about to ask him about it when he brought it up.  So I have gone through the nutrition classes, and the psych evaluation; so now I sit and wait for my first visit to the Bariatric Surgeon group I am to be sent to.  I hope it is the group that I know and trust from working in the medical field, but will have to trust that the right group will be chosen. 

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