2010 is my return!

Feb 03, 2010

I have been away far too long. 2009 was a long year. I gained back weight, Right back to what I was the morning of surgery. So many reasons but I'm not going to get into it. I can just tell you I switched to a dr. from a Bariatric Center nearer to my home. That was the beginning of change and thats what I needed change. My husband bought me the Wii and Wii fit plus. It was the main thing I wanted for Christmas. So Dec. 26th I started it. I've done it most days.
The PA at Ellis Bariatric took out .4cc's from my band because my inability to eat the right things didn't help. He said it was more than he would normally. Two weeks later he wated to put some fill back but I asked to wait. I lost 3 lbs. My next Appt is Feb. 11th. I'm sure I've lost weight 3-4 lbs possibly. He suggested protein drinks in the morning since I wasn't really eating protein like I should. I'm sick of eggs and soft foods weren't helping any. I bought Jillian Michaels whey protein at Walmart for $10. I like the Vanilla better than chocolate by the way.

I realized and keep telling myself how bad the other things are for me. wine was a downfall for me. I'm limiting it to the weekend. No wine and no snacking. God I feel so much better. I hope anyone that has been through it and is going through it would contact me. It is your support that I need.

It is depressing to look at my pictures on here. Its not how I look now. I even think I've aged. I will add more pictures when I'm done typing. I should have lost it all by now. I was complacent and it got away from me. What a waste of time. I'm not sorry that I had the band done. If I had bypass it would be stretched out and once you stretch that pouch your done. Band is different. I can get adjustments and recover from the mess I've caused. I will add to this after my appt to keep tracking my weight.


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