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Mar 03, 2013

i can finally update my blog! i got a new laptop and i thought OH was acting up because it wouldn't let me update, but here i am on my old laptop and its working just fine!

Where to begin? I had the surgery 9 days ago.  I was 252 on the day of surgery, i was 263 before my pre-op diet. im now 243, so thats a 20lbs loss from my HW!!! I woke up from surgery with tons of nausea that took a while to get under control. The pain was minimal and the dry mouth sucked. I went home after 2 days and it felt good to be in my own home.  Ive just been sipping ever since. Im doing well with getting my liquids in, but protein is a whole different story. I absolutely cant stand my unjury protein shakes anymore. they make me  sick. I've been drinking milk, adding powdered millk, and yogurt, but its not nearly enough  =( im going to try some rtd shakes from walmart. i need to find something that is at least tolerable. 

I hate meal times. I hate them because my "meals" are yogurt or creamed soup with unflavored unjury mixed in. I gag it down. I only eat like 3 tbs with a baby spoon.  I feel hungry often, and a CRAVE meat. anything my family eats makes me so jealous, i cant even be near them

Its been a really rough road so far, but i am beyond greatful for the opportunity to be sleeved. I've never once regretted my decision, i know it will get better once i cant start to eat some of my protein. i will make this work.

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