3 months down, a lifetime to go.

May 26, 2013

Well because of me having windows 8 on my laptop i am unable to blog or respond to messages anymore! Truly disappointing, as i was using my blog to track this whole process. I am on my work computer, so i thought i'd update quick.

Well i'm 3 months out now, and im so close to a 50lb loss that i can taste it!! I'm down 48.6lbs so far!! I am so happy with my decision to get the sleeve. I seem to have a sleeve of steel. There's not been one thing that's caused my any discomfort, it's easy to forget i had surgery at all. As of today i weigh 214.6, my highest weight was 263, and i was 252 on surgery day.

I've been making good choices, but it's not easy. I sometimes wish i would have dumping with sugar like RNY patients do. I still have all my same cravings, and some of my old habits are already trying to creep back in! I've been doing my best to keep them at bay, but sometimes i mess up. I feel so guilty when i do =(  I'm only human though, and i am not going to give up!  I was also doing sooo good with exercise for a while, but i've been slacking on that a bit, too. My treadmill has been neglected with these beautiful summer days. I will make a better effort in that department.

I am still very proud of myself. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, i walk to the store, last night my dh fried up some fish, but i threw mine in the oven and baked it. I make little decisions every single day that are making an impact on my life. I pack my lunch everyday. I've said no to every doughnut and baked good that has been sitting in the lunch room at work. So although i do make mistakes sometimes, overall i am becoming a newer healthier me. I LOVE my sleeve!


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