Controlling the carb monster! One week test!

Jan 18, 2009

Sunday 1/18/09 212 
I have an altime high of 297 lbs.  and also tend to carry the most significant amount of my weight between my pelvis and belly button.  When you carry an enormous amount of your weight in that region it is a clear indicator that you are someone who is insulin resistant.  If you are insulin resistant then your body takes in carbs and fails to use them as energy instead it turns right into fat and does not leave your body.  I lose excellent weight on under 20 carbs a day and lose less weight with each carb I add.  It sucks but that is what it is.  I can eat calories galore (well not since surgery) but even a few carbs over and my weight just sticks.  If this sounds like your body type and issue then start with a number of carbs you think is realistic and then stay on it for a week if you lose great you can try to increase until you don't lose.  That will be your staying tolerance.  Good luck.  SIDE NOTE: The more you control these carbs the more your hunger and desire will be controlled too this coupled with our WLS is a managable and wonderful eating regimen.