Armando Joya

"My first impression of Dr. Joya was confidence, he reassured me everything was going to be fine. He was friendly and had a warm smile that reached his eyes and reassured me tremendously. I didn't meet him until just before my surgery. I was a bit stuck at the moment and I couldn't think of a single question. But everyone had been so great that I was completely at ease. Dr. Joya visited me everyday and my recovery was good. He was always pleasant and was attentive. His staff I would consider Nathalie. She is as stated before. Out of the world. She was incredible. She couldn't have taken better care of me. There was a mess up at the airport and she was on the phone in a second taking care that it doesn't happen again. I was impressed with her throughout my stay. I called her several times while in the hotel. She always responded in minutes if not seconds of my call. I can tell you, I have never received such immediate response from a medical office here in the states EVER! rnIF you are researching and have any doubts or are nervous about going to Dr. Joya in Mexico for a medical procedure please, let me tell you DON'T BE. I received excellent care throughout and would not hesitate to go to again."
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