I have struggled with my weight all my life and failed to keep it off for any length of time. 2006 was the real beginning of my determination to lose weight FOREVER and get serious! My oldest Grand-daughter -at that time 3, had asked me why I was so big and she couldn’t get her arms around me to hug me or hold on to me. I told her "there was just more of me to love her".  In Sep of 2006 while grocery shopping at the local Wal-Mart a young boy began yelling from the opposite end of the aisle “mommy mommy look at the big fat lady!” The more Mommy ignored him the louder he yelled and repeated it. I too turned to see WHO he was yelling about and found I was the only one in the Aisle…That obnoxious child may have saved my life…at 303 pounds I knew I had health issues but  didn’t “feel” that huge nor did I see myself as others did. I really didn’t know what I looked like to others until I asked my daughter in law to "compare" me..to this one or that one--you know "do I look like that? Am I as big as that person? I was always told I was larger than any of them. As much as it hurt I began to see myself for the first time as others had, and be honest about myself TO MYSELF! Thus began my 18 month journey to search for successful lifelong Weight loss.  

 We had been with MPlan and I have gone though the 6 plus months of diet, support groups and counseling during 2007.  I have been on a strict diet trying to lose weight since 2006 in 18 months I have been able to lose 56 pounds but have already put on and off the last 6 pounds of that with no additional weight loss since November 2007. I am in a catch 22 my BMI has dropped to 41.8 so I "can't afford to lose even though I NEED TO!    

I was scheduled to have the RNY in early January and canceled everything when I found out about DS and began to research DS. I am hoping our New Federal Blue cross will allow the DS with Dr Inman. Like everyone else as soon as the facts hit us we want to have a cure NOW..I KNOW the weight gain didn't happen over night (even though I would like to think it did-you know gee I went to bed normal and woke up like this-it happened SO FAST!!) But the reality is it didn't and I know it will not all resolve itself over night either all good things are worth waiting for....even if it is surgery! 

 I joined this group in an effort to learn as much about DS as I had about RNY...Sure knew a lot more about it than my PCP! And hope to find the support I had with the RNY group as there are definitely different needs for the two groups with the different surgery methods.  

As hard as it has been I have enjoyed the journey so far and all the wonderful people I have met. I am anxious to get on the right path to loosing and a healthy me! It really seems like only a dream / goal...but I guess all of us must have those...Hopefully this year 2008 it will become a reality!  

Thanks for checking out my story! I am interested in hearing from others.  While I do not understand the workings of posting or how to use this site very well- I will answer any PM or notes sent. Thanks and have a wonderful day!  














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