Dec 26 5 1/2 months post op

Dec 26, 2008

  I have been unable to be on for the past month as I got a job teaching in a classroom in November. It has been a difficult classroom with lots of problems which is why the other teacher left. Trying to step in after 4 years of retirement has been stressful and taken all my time, energy and efforts.
I am off for the 2 week Christmas break and able to catch up a bit. I am thrilled to announce that I arrived at my first HUGE goal of 199 as of Christmas day what better gift could I have received!?! It is the FIRST time in 25 years I have been UNDER 200 pounds!
We got family photos taken November 26 day before Thanksgiving it is the FIRST time I have been pleased with a picture of myself. when I looked back over the other pictures taken in years past I see how FAT and round my face is in all of the pictures. I am ashamed to have allowed myself to look like that!
It is a new life now. My higest weight of 305 in January 2007  to 199 pounds December 25 2008. From size 28/30 pants to size 18 pants! From size 3x tops to a normal large size off the rack! Most of the change of course took place July 9 2008 when I had surgery my start weight was 275 so big loss in 5 months. I am really seeing the loss now and feeling it. What a great way to start the new year! Since July I have not had to take ANY asthma meds even during the allergy season. Since July surgery I have not had to go to the General Doc at all for any reason! Prior to that i was in to the doc about every month for something or other! I still take the Blood pressure meds but have dropped down to 1/2 a pill once a day instead of 2 full pills a day. I have more energy, flexability and better frame of mind. I get lots of compliments from folks at church who see me weekly. I am so thrilled with this surgery and the results. I am so blessed that I didn't have any complications or problems. It has been so easy Thank you God for the second chance at life!  
I know I need to work more on the protein, getting water in and the vit in...starting the job has really thrown me off. on getting all three areas worked in during the day. SO still working on that area. 
I am still loosing 1 pound a week so guess I am on target..glad there has not been a "stall". I have eaten TOO much sweets the past couple of days but so far it is just causing me to go to the bathroom a lot. sort of feels like it is cleaning out the pipes! not a bad feeling at all! I am excited about what the future New Year will bring.  

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