WOW so much has happened June 8 09

Jun 07, 2009

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted.
I have lost 125 pounds since my higest weight. I still have 30 to go to reach goal

In January my hernia became a problem. I went to Dr Inman and she and I set up surgery for the first week I was out from school June 11...My husband and I talked about it and decided to check on plastic surgery for the abdominal apron..I must lift it up to wash it is so heavy and shows through all my cloths effects the way things fit. Early May I saw Dr Turkle and she was not concerned that I still had 30 pounds to lose she added her surgery on to Dr Inmans so Thursday June 11 of THIS week I will start yet another chapter of my new life. 

Daily my husband comments about how shocked he is to see me and the changes in the way I look. 
I don't see the change as my family does. We were at a funeral my son was across the room he looked at me but didn't seem to see me so I went to him he said he didn't recognize me!! We see each other weekly but I had on a new top and he just didn't recognize me from across the room. 
It is an amazing feeling to be able to buy clothes off the rack at a normal store. 
I did find it interesting I went to Fashion Bug and saw the cutest plus size tops I couldn't find anything that cute in the smaller sizes...I mentioned to the clerk that when I was large I envied the small size for their cute styles now I am smaller and the larger sizes are cute..BUT I would NOT trade or go back there again for all the money in the world! I am so use to buying LONG shirts to cover the tummy I can't dream of what it would look like to be normal!! 

I feel I can eat SO much food...I wonder sometimes if I had the surgery!! I can eat 5-6 little smoky links for breakfast to get the 15 protein grams in...I can eat a full meal at Texas roadhouse. I don't feel I have given up anything at all. My weight lose has slowed for the first time since surgery last July but still losing slowly. 

I am nervous about the Plastic Surgery on Thursday but also can't imagine what I will look like without the large apron I have carried around ALL my life. It is really a part of me that is being removed a physically seen part unlike the stomach gall bladder appendix that was removed in DS surgery...I am trying to come to terms dealing with that--cutting off an actual part of me--who I am. Very odd idea to deal with mentally. I felt I was SO much better prepared for the DS surgery than for this PS..I use to think that if I just lost the weight I would be so thrilled I would NOT need to have any Plastic surgery but seeing how my cloths fit with the hanging tummy I am anxious to see it gone.  


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