NEW WOWS! Dec 29 2008

Dec 29, 2008

Some wows I have noticed the past couple of days. Sunday David and I went to a restaurant and I realized for the first time that there was LOTS of room in the booth between the table and my chest! No more bust hanging on the table catching my food!
Also in the car my belly is a good distance from the steering wheel use to ruin many of my tops by the wheel rubbing on my belly!
Today I tried on LOTS of size 14/16 tops and they FIT!! It is so neat to be able to go into a regular store and find some cloths that fit!! I even tried on some Misses XL that fit…Got a size 14/16 Large/XL PJS that FIT with room too spare!!! I have not been able to wear a size 14/16 since I was in my 20’s! That was 30 plus YEARS AGO!!   I now fit in the chair at the beauty shop and our dining room chair that has arms. NEVER had any room to spare when sitting in them so I tried to avoided the armed chairs. Sat in a willow chair today and I didn't "worry" I would break it!! 

My winter size 18 coat is WAY too big.
I can WEAR bangle bracelets now!! I've never been able to get them on over my hand before!!
I went to the beauty shop today and the gal told me that the “new” hair growth (losing my hair since month 3) is coming in with some natural curl!! WOW worth it I guess!! A gal at church told me on Sunday that she was behind me in church and saw "a gal worshiping the Lord and wondered WHO it was ---then realized it was ME!"  She didn’t recognize me!! Another guy from church told me on Sunday how super I looked he said I looked 15 years younger! My neice had also mentioned how much younger I look now! David has told me almost daily how great I look. First time in our 34 year marriage that I weigh less than he does!
Some days I feel like I look thinner other days I feel just as big!

So thrilled with the DS!!!  


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