Having fun looking back all all the sizes I have gone through.

Jul 09, 2010

 Been getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow. Hope to sell my plus size cloths collections. I can't believe HOW much I have accumulated loosing so fast ..Seems insane to have spent and bought that much..but I dressed for work, church, evening etc..I would get crazy about the new sizes and yes compulsive spender here..It is intoxicating to be able to wear a size I have not been in since I was a teenager!  I have come from a 3x 26 down to 12/14. Exciting...I still need to lose some more weight..But it feels so good to be able to shop regular places.   
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Feb 5 2010

Feb 05, 2010

I didn't realize how long it had been since I was on here and wrote about my journey. Too long I guess..Things have been busy.
My hole from the Plastic Surgery closed up November 2009 almost 6 months after surgery. I have enjoyed my new body solid size 12. I seem to have leveled off I am still 18 pounds from my personal goal weight but enjoying life and shopping anyway.
I can do things I have not been able to do in years. Enjoy teaching again. Daily My husband tells me how great I look and how proud he is of me. It feels good. I would do BOTH surgeries again in a heart beat! So greatful for the DS and Plastic surgery.      

This too shall pass! 8/15/09

Aug 15, 2009

I had complications with my Plastic Surgery, which led to even MORE complications ---it was like a domino effect. Each problem lead to a new one.  The original DS surgeon did my hernia surgery and found I had 3 hernias instead of the one. She repaired them with mesh and I lay on the table until the second surgeon the PS could arrive she was delayed at another surgery.
She did her part of the surgery and I got to stay in the hospital one night. Before I left a nurse insisted on giving me my blood thinner shot in my BELLY just above where I had the incisions. I begged her not to give it in the belly as the Plastic surgeon had said to give it to myself in the leg due to the surgery....BUT she would not listen to me --- the pain from that shot lasted for several weeks and hurt worse than any surgery had!!!
Other than that pain I thought I came through the plastic surgery fine but within 3 days of the surgery some of the skin at the T section where the hernia and the bib incision crossed began to turn black. The PS checked me on day 3 and again at day 7 she stayed on top of it. Within a week there was a 6 inch area of tissue that had turned black and hard like mummy skin. It had also spread to about 1 inch wide. I was NOT draining at all but they left the drain in for one week to be sure. Later they had to use a large syringe to draw out a lot of fluid from my belly. It just never drained out of the surgical drain nor the wound. No bleeding nor drainage to speak of…I am still swollen and don’t have any feeling at all in my belly from the sternum down –which has been a good thing considering all the cutting and digging they have done inside the open wound and all the sticks with the syringe to draw out fluid…nice not to feel any of that.    During the course of the antibiotics given after surgery...(even though I took probiotics), I got a nasty colon inflammation flare up...The pain I experienced from the colon was the worse pain I have ever had in my life. I ended up at the ER over July 4th holiday...I just wanted to die at one point to be out of the colon pain! I was put on 2 meds and seen by a colon rectal surgeon. He said I had a very serious inflammation of the colon..He put me on a double daily dose of canasta for 6 weeks before it helped knock out the inflammation and got it under control. About that time I also began to experience sever pain in my shoulder and found that all the lifting of my body with my arms after surgery had irritated my rotator cuff and it was inflamed.  X-rays also showed a calcium build up on the shoulder so I was put in physical therapy. Meanwhile I had been seeing the Plastic Surgeon (weekly since day 3 post surgery) week 2 they had begun debridement of the tissue. It took 8 weeks to cut out all the dead tissue. The wound has gotten deeper-now goes about 1 1/2 inches into my body but  after 8 weeks of cutting out dead tissue and 5 daily dressing changes with saline solution it has closed up at the edges and is now about a 3 inch circle. This week they put me on a Sorbsan dressing once a day -it is a cotton candy floss like seaweed material that is said to hurry along healing. Two weeks ago she had given me the option of going back to the Operating room to get it stitched up again but said it may put me back to square one with the same problems..She felt it would heal on its own given enough time...so I opted to wait and see.  I then began to have problems with my right eye seeing black spots it was driving me nuts with the black spots so I went to another doc…and was diagnosed with Posterior Vitreous Detachment. I was told that my normal eye condition makes me at a higher risk anyway for retinal detachment and this increases the possibility even more...No one had ever told me that! So that was about the last straw for my ability to grin and bear it I cried it had all seemed like a bad joke.  I had gone almost a year since my DS surgery with such great health and then to basically FALL APART in the course of just 9 weeks…all just seemed too ludicrous to be real.   I am now under the care of the Plastic surgeon, rectal/Colon surgeon, Sports meds surgeon for the shoulder, Physical therapist and an eye surgeon all in the course of just 9 weeks! I went back to teach in the Kindergarten classroom last week --for now it is keeping my mind off all the other issues which I can't do anything about. The word of God says: “This too shall pass” I am hanging on to that scripture. I know things could be a lot worse! I am NOT in the daily pain with the colon, I am NOT blind, I have two arms, I AM slowly healing and it is NEAT not to have the extra hanging skin ---I am now wearing a size 12/14 pants and 12 top and weigh 166 Feels good -- SO I guess I consider myself blessed--- all things considered!  


WOW so much has happened June 8 09

Jun 07, 2009

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted.
I have lost 125 pounds since my higest weight. I still have 30 to go to reach goal

In January my hernia became a problem. I went to Dr Inman and she and I set up surgery for the first week I was out from school June 11...My husband and I talked about it and decided to check on plastic surgery for the abdominal apron..I must lift it up to wash it is so heavy and shows through all my cloths effects the way things fit. Early May I saw Dr Turkle and she was not concerned that I still had 30 pounds to lose she added her surgery on to Dr Inmans so Thursday June 11 of THIS week I will start yet another chapter of my new life. 

Daily my husband comments about how shocked he is to see me and the changes in the way I look. 
I don't see the change as my family does. We were at a funeral my son was across the room he looked at me but didn't seem to see me so I went to him he said he didn't recognize me!! We see each other weekly but I had on a new top and he just didn't recognize me from across the room. 
It is an amazing feeling to be able to buy clothes off the rack at a normal store. 
I did find it interesting I went to Fashion Bug and saw the cutest plus size tops I couldn't find anything that cute in the smaller sizes...I mentioned to the clerk that when I was large I envied the small size for their cute styles now I am smaller and the larger sizes are cute..BUT I would NOT trade or go back there again for all the money in the world! I am so use to buying LONG shirts to cover the tummy I can't dream of what it would look like to be normal!! 

I feel I can eat SO much food...I wonder sometimes if I had the surgery!! I can eat 5-6 little smoky links for breakfast to get the 15 protein grams in...I can eat a full meal at Texas roadhouse. I don't feel I have given up anything at all. My weight lose has slowed for the first time since surgery last July but still losing slowly. 

I am nervous about the Plastic Surgery on Thursday but also can't imagine what I will look like without the large apron I have carried around ALL my life. It is really a part of me that is being removed a physically seen part unlike the stomach gall bladder appendix that was removed in DS surgery...I am trying to come to terms dealing with that--cutting off an actual part of me--who I am. Very odd idea to deal with mentally. I felt I was SO much better prepared for the DS surgery than for this PS..I use to think that if I just lost the weight I would be so thrilled I would NOT need to have any Plastic surgery but seeing how my cloths fit with the hanging tummy I am anxious to see it gone.  


January 3 2009

Jan 03, 2009

I have been loosing weight faster lately. Now at 197. It is so exciting to hear my husband mention MANY times a day how proud he is of me and how good I look etc. I feel guilty as it is NOTHING I am doing! 
Got my first labs drawn at the med center Friday LOTS of vials of blood taken...the gal was shocked...I explained I had DS surgery...She said her mom had lost weight "naturally"...I told her I had tried the natural approach every year but never  was successful. Feels great to be under 199 and in a size 14/16 top and 18 pants! I feel so much better! Can't wait to see what this year brings.   

NEW WOWS! Dec 29 2008

Dec 29, 2008

Some wows I have noticed the past couple of days. Sunday David and I went to a restaurant and I realized for the first time that there was LOTS of room in the booth between the table and my chest! No more bust hanging on the table catching my food!
Also in the car my belly is a good distance from the steering wheel now..it use to ruin many of my tops by the wheel rubbing on my belly!
Today I tried on LOTS of size 14/16 tops and they FIT!! It is so neat to be able to go into a regular store and find some cloths that fit!! I even tried on some Misses XL that fit…Got a size 14/16 Large/XL PJS that FIT with room too spare!!! I have not been able to wear a size 14/16 since I was in my 20’s! That was 30 plus YEARS AGO!!   I now fit in the chair at the beauty shop and our dining room chair that has arms. NEVER had any room to spare when sitting in them so I tried to avoided the armed chairs. Sat in a willow chair today and I didn't "worry" I would break it!! 

My winter size 18 coat is WAY too big.
I can WEAR bangle bracelets now!! I've never been able to get them on over my hand before!!
I went to the beauty shop today and the gal told me that the “new” hair growth (losing my hair since month 3) is coming in with some natural curl!! WOW worth it I guess!! A gal at church told me on Sunday that she was behind me in church and saw "a gal worshiping the Lord and wondered WHO it was ---then realized it was ME!"  She didn’t recognize me!! Another guy from church told me on Sunday how super I looked he said I looked 15 years younger! My neice had also mentioned how much younger I look now! David has told me almost daily how great I look. First time in our 34 year marriage that I weigh less than he does!
Some days I feel like I look thinner other days I feel just as big!

So thrilled with the DS!!!  

Dec 26 5 1/2 months post op

Dec 26, 2008

  I have been unable to be on Oh.com for the past month as I got a job teaching in a classroom in November. It has been a difficult classroom with lots of problems which is why the other teacher left. Trying to step in after 4 years of retirement has been stressful and taken all my time, energy and efforts.
I am off for the 2 week Christmas break and able to catch up a bit. I am thrilled to announce that I arrived at my first HUGE goal of 199 as of Christmas day what better gift could I have received!?! It is the FIRST time in 25 years I have been UNDER 200 pounds!
We got family photos taken November 26 day before Thanksgiving it is the FIRST time I have been pleased with a picture of myself. when I looked back over the other pictures taken in years past I see how FAT and round my face is in all of the pictures. I am ashamed to have allowed myself to look like that!
It is a new life now. My higest weight of 305 in January 2007  to 199 pounds December 25 2008. From size 28/30 pants to size 18 pants! From size 3x tops to a normal large size off the rack! Most of the change of course took place July 9 2008 when I had surgery my start weight was 275 so big loss in 5 months. I am really seeing the loss now and feeling it. What a great way to start the new year! Since July I have not had to take ANY asthma meds even during the allergy season. Since July surgery I have not had to go to the General Doc at all for any reason! Prior to that i was in to the doc about every month for something or other! I still take the Blood pressure meds but have dropped down to 1/2 a pill once a day instead of 2 full pills a day. I have more energy, flexability and better frame of mind. I get lots of compliments from folks at church who see me weekly. I am so thrilled with this surgery and the results. I am so blessed that I didn't have any complications or problems. It has been so easy Thank you God for the second chance at life!  
I know I need to work more on the protein, getting water in and the vit in...starting the job has really thrown me off. on getting all three areas worked in during the day. SO still working on that area. 
I am still loosing 1 pound a week so guess I am on target..glad there has not been a "stall". I have eaten TOO much sweets the past couple of days but so far it is just causing me to go to the bathroom a lot. sort of feels like it is cleaning out the pipes! not a bad feeling at all! I am excited about what the future New Year will bring.  
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November 11 2008

Nov 10, 2008

November 11, 2008 I am now at 211 pounds appropriate for 11/11/08! So exciting to see the weight coming off more regularly. I notice when I DRINK lots of water (MORE water) the weight DOES come off faster…I need to keep focusing on it! My BM’s are back to normal, David had the flu I had a touch of a cold/flu linger for a few days-it drained me and I had headache body aches and fever etc but NOT as bad as David and others --I attribute that to all the vits I am taking.
Dr Inman made my stomach at surgery 4 ½ oz it is obviously stretched -as at 4 months out I can eat a LOT –for Breakfast yesterday had 2 eggs on toast, lunch I ate 5 ½ oz of deluxe chicken salad with additional pine nuts, raisins, and half a chopped apple, wrapped in 1 full low carb tortilla YUM!…Dinner, 6 oz of beef tips PLUS mashed potatoes and gravy! When I get full I have a burp or hic cup. I Know to STOP! Anything over that and I get over full and feel awful. I get hungry every 2 hours like clockwork. Fixed a “mug chocolate cake” for a snack ate over half of it, ate a full apple with caramel dip yum ate some protein cereal and protein chips but they both gave me AWFUL gas as they have in the past…I will wait and try them again in another month or so…I invested a lot of money in them had to buy a dozen at a time…they are good but they gas is not worth it.
In short I am LOVING the DS I have SO much more energy, no asthma at ALL since surgery, my hormons are coming back having hot flashes again but could have been the flu..I can SEE the weight loss in myself. THAT is a good feeling! I thank God that I had it and all has gone so smoothly. I would have it open again in a heartbeat and recommend it open to others. My Common Channel is 65cc short even with the larger stomach but I am SO thrilled. This is the smallest I have been in over 20 years!!

4 months today! November 5 2008,

Nov 04, 2008

Even though my DS surgery date was July 9 I am technically 4 months out today. SO time for an update...I am having a colonoscopy today even though all my Bowel problems are passed. I returned to normal BM's back in October THANK THE GOOD LORD! But they had already scheduled me for the colonoscopy to be "safe". Going 13 hours without eating or drinking after midnight is VERY hard on a DSer,

I have lost 61 pounds-3 clothing sizes and 57 inches in 16 weeks. January 2007 my highest weight was 305; it took me a full YEAR to lose 51 pounds now I have lost 61 pounds in 14 weeks LOVE the DS!! I now see that the more water I can get in the better I lose. It is all still an adjustment to try to get all the vits, protein and water in. I can eat a LOT of food...I ate a 6 oz steak a few bites of potato and salad last week at a restaurant. I shocked myself! She made my tummy 4 ½ Oz...everyone else is much smaller...but my Common Channel is shorter than most...only 65cc. SO I guess it evens out...I don't mind eating normally and large amounts just don't want to gain the weight.

I am HUNGRY all the time!! I never felt hungry nor full prior to surgery but NOW feel driving hunger and must eat but also can feel full. Once in a great while I will still eat that one bite too much and need to get up and walk for about 20 minutes then I am fine. I eat about every 2 hours!

That is why this colonoscopy is so hard on me...I am SO thirsty right now and hunger pains but the procedure isn't' until 1 PM today...will be 13 hours without food or water HARD for a DS patient.

I have had some wow moments in the past month. There is actually distance between the steering wheel and my belly! I can bend over and have crossed my legs occasionally without realizing it! My husband told me last Friday that he was looking at me across a huge room and had to do a double take to make sure it was me. Another friend patted my butt and said "it's disappearing!" She is RIGHT ...my underwear doesn't have any place to "hang" on to!!...My butt now goes straight into my leg!! Talk about redistribution--- my body is really changing..

My abdomen is still bumpy and mis-shaped from the surgery the incision had started out between my breast and I couldn't wear a bra for 4 weeks but now the incision has drifted down about 3" south. My belly button is much lower and "closed" can't even see it. Got the batwings but I am so thrilled to be losing weight. I have not weighted 215 pounds in 25 years and have not worn a size 18 in OVER 25 years!

I still have a long way to go but a good start at 16 weeks. No complaints. I would do it open again in a heartbeat!

RETURNED GIFT!!! Sep-19 08

Sep 19, 2008

Sigh….my body REBELED at my colons gift…decided to return the gift without my permission!! I am now back today with the “mush” had 6 MUSH BMS….this morning between 5-7 AM…sigh…was sure nice for a bit yesterday to feel normal (almost!!) I had 5 NORMAL solid and semi solid BM’s Thursday evening!! SO got a lot cleaned out!!
The Pain is there but hardly noticeable not bothering me much but I think it has spread..feeling it more all over now when it comes.
I am taking the “cramping” med instead of the pain…I think the cramping one puts me to sleep though….
I did LOSE some weight down 2 pounds from a week ago…So I have ‘reached” my first goal of 50 pounds lost since July 9th surgery…That is GOOD and encouraging!! Been reading so much about all these other folks losing 20 pounds a month…getting to their goals in 6 months…makes me a bit depressed.
Today I noticed how VERY tired I am feeling……I know I need to add the iron but not sure what brand type etc. there is SO much info out there it gets confusing...being on drugs doesn't make it any clearer!!

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