REVISION 3 months out

Oct 01, 2014

I finally hot 3 months out!  I am thrilled to be finally here!  I have  lost 9.5 pounds this month.  This makes a total of 35 pounds.  I wanted to lose 40 in 2 months and i have yet to hit 40 as of yet:( BUT i am very proud of where i have come.  I am walking about 6 miles a day. i go between 900 and 1200 calories a day.  It really all depends what i am doing that day, if i do not have a lot to do i get board and eat more.  I still have issues with some more dense foods. so i eat a lot of soft foods but i am getting better:)  I am wearing clothes i haven't been able to wear but some clothes are still to tight. I am in to a size 10 but i have tons of size 8's that i want to fit back into.  I really want to be wearing size 6 again! at my lowest i was wearing a size 4! but i will not push it.  I stalled for a 3 weeks and that was not very cool! Then i lost a lot of weight!

I am hoping for the next month i have slower goal because i am getting closer to my final goal!  I will ay 6 pounds is where i would like to end up. This will put me on track to lose only 14 pounds left to lose! I know it will be a slower pace from here on out.




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