REVISION 6 Months Out

Jan 01, 2015

Happy New Year!!!  Well Last month i was at 173 I have lost 5 pounds and am down to 168.  I have bounced up to 172 and then back down to 168 not sure why but I am back.  I am really trying to use my fitness pal and my new fitbit to keep me on track with calories in and calories out. Im still using the elliptical and walking a lot. I really want my goal to be 150 although i am now thinking this may be to thin.  I KNOW you can never be to thin or to rich lol. I am wearing solid size 8 and i could maybe wear some 6 if i didn't have so much skin.  But that a whole other situation.  My hips and legs are really thin i still carry weight in my upper half of my body. shoulders and back.  i guess I will just keep doing what i am doing and see what happens maybe 160 is a more realistic goal.  I will still push for 150. just cause i am not a quitter. lol


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