Surgery was four days ago...

Jan 03, 2010

Well I did it despite being very nervous!!!

30th December I awoke to pretty snow again! We (my DH and daughter) left to make it to the hospital for 9am. We waited for a while then they took me back to a teeny weeny room to prep me for everything. While there a nurse informed me that Dr De La Torre was 2 hours behind schedule!!!  I was nervous enough without hearing that!

Somehow that time flew by and just as Troy and Liz had gone to the cafeteria to grab a bite, they came in and said they were ready for me!  I wasn't able to even say goodbye to my family!

The next thing I remember after putting a pretty blue hat on was waking up in pain and feeling as if I had been hit by a truck!! I stayed in the recovery area for about 1 hour and was slipping in and out of it.

Then they took me to my room which was not as teensy as the prep one but not much bigger either!!! I was shown my magic button which didn't do that much magic really! Oh and my period kicked in!! Yay...NOT! So even though I had a catheter I was dealing with a very heavy flow too. Once the catheter was out I was able to at least use a tampon but that was the next day after many accidents. Very embarrassing!

So the next day I had my nasty drink and xray test..passed! Then my nasty blue chip test..passed! Then the catheter was out! Yay!!! Tampax heaven!!!

Later that day the pain kicked into high gear. Long story short. Told the nurse I was in so much pain I could barely breathe, she said no more pain meds yet, stop crying and shut the door on me!! I was crying in agony when my DH phoned me and heard the whole thing. He then called the nurses station (this was 8:30 pm) and told this nurse off. She came back into my room saying why did I phone my DH??? Huh?! Anyway she kept saying over and over "I didn't hear you say you couldn't breathe" She was very defensive and not very apologetic at first! Then the charge nurse came and suggested it was my "accent" HUH???!! Everyone else could understand me so far but this one!

My DH had her call the doctor to ask for different pain meds and she did that. I eventually got morphine that got me through the night.

The next day all they seemed to want to do is get me home and even though i was still in agony that is all I wanted to do!!! By about 1pm I was on my way home feeling every bump and lump in the road.

I have been home for 2 days now and almost immediately felt a bit better!! The pain has been manageable and I am slowly increasing my fluids and proteins. I love being home.

Now to get this JP drain out on Wednesday. Phew.

Thanks for reading it all!

Happy New Year to me and all of you too!


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