My story really does not start until after I married the man of my dreams. We had a baby in 1992. He was stillborn and we became pregnant again and had another baby in 1993. He was a healthy 9# 3oz wonderful boy. After the 2 pregnancies I went from 150lbs to 226lbs.  I had depression after my 2nd son because i had not grieved appropriately from my first son.  My honeyman has always placed me on a pedastool and does many things for me. He is a wonderful husband but I have become very dependent on him.  I have become lazy and don't take care of things as I should.  During my second pregnancy I became diabetic.  I now am so insulin resistant it takes massive amounts of insulin to control my blood sugars. I take a new med called Byetta. It works better but does make me very nauseated.  In the mean time, I did have a daughter in 1996. She is just like me (scarey).  I have begun to think less and less of myself.  The only thing that I feel I am good at is my job.  I don't let me feelings about my health, weight, or self dislike effect my job.  I am a registered nurse.  I have been for 16 years.  I am a shift manager in a womens center.  I have never had insurance that would cover any of these surgeries. Even though I have comorbidities.  High blood pressure - Altace, High cholesterol - Vytorin, Diabetes - Byetta & Lantus insulin.  Now I think I have enough money in my retirement to withdraw out to help cover the procedure.  I am wanting the gastric sleeve.  Any feedback I can get I appreciate it.

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