Dec 28-08

Dec 28, 2008

As i hoped, this fill seems to be the magic fill. As of today i'm down to 252lbs. And a total of 40inches overall. I'm losing at a steady rate of about 2lbs or so a wk. Just as it otta be. FINALLY!!! Yes folks, i'm at the sweet spot i have heard sooooo much about. And my part time job at Walmart is helping quit a bit. I stay very busy at work, and do lots of walking. I was discussing this w/ a girl at work last night that recently changed from a sales assoc. to a cashier. And she confirmed that working the floor helps in the weight loss dept. She said since she changed she has stopped losing weight. lol.
I'm gearing up to join the Gold's Gym Challenge in Jan for 12 wks. Very excited about the transformation that will happen as a result. And the added bonus if i were actually able to win it.WOOHOO! I'll be working hard for it.


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