Oct 02, 2011

My gosh its been a while since I have blogged & posted a pic!  Its been about a year now since I even began trying to get apprived for my surgery. .... My home scale is saying 203 but I am posting 195 on the ticker just for the heck of it... OMG!! I just realized I put 203 .. it should be 193... I cant get used to saying the 100's and typing it!! Its great!!! LOLOL!!!

Things I am noticing.... Im crossing my legs with ease, my collarbones are more prominate, my face looks ALOT thinner!. I am wearing a size 16 in jeans now but they are kinda streatchy from CATO but that counts! lol... I dont really care to much about eating out anymore because its not as fun since I cant eat much. I still have mental issues with wanting to overeat... I think I will ALWAYS have that problem... I hope not but ya never know:(

But anyways Im pretty damn happy!!


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