No Limitations

Sep 23, 2012

 My sweet precious Like no other 26 year old brother lost his leg in a horrific motorcycle accident on Friday Sept. 21st. A whole new life other than the "whole new life" i had imagined is about to begin. Its time to accept what is happening and thank The Lord that he is still alive. So when am i going to get the surgery now? I cant lay myself up when my "Boy" is  in the hospital dealing with the fact that his leg has been amputated while he was asleep for the past two weeks.
I have to plan a good time. Have no idea when. I dont want to miss this opportunity. I know one thing though, i HAVE to still get it. I have to loose this weight so i can challenge my brother and show him there is no limit to what he can do. I want to do every single sport...
I love you Boy. Hurry up and get better. We all miss you so much. 


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