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**** These 2 pictures below are right before my surgery on June 8, 2004 ****

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Here i am at my heaviest.







Here is my OLD Jacket .... wow! A SIZE 30


I got into a SIZE 16-18, jeans and jacket! YES!! :D


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Day one, MY SURGERY!!!

I walked into the CHECK IN area , and my parents and my sister Celli gave me a hug and a kiss, my mom was crying ALOT and gave me a small little rock that said , I BELIEVE on it and that made me cry alot when I left them all in the waiting area in the check in........


I got changed into a gown and went to the my area and waited for a nurse and they started the IV right away.

My hubby was with me all the time while i was there.

Amy came and gave me Bari Buddy Teddy Bear and she told me to hug him when I had to cough or sneeze or get up from the bed. he will help me alot!!

We asked Amy again about my surgery. That i am getting. Gastric Bypass Surgery RNY - and she said Absolutely that i am getting this surgery....... I had to hear her say the words

because in the OFFICE .... i kept on getting the WRONG INFORMATION on ME

one day i went to see AMY and then GABE the PA. and then the next few weeks i saw KIM the nutriontist, and they all kept saying the LAP BAND Surgery to ME .... i was saying HUH ? WHAT ? Then i said something to them.... then again I had to bring it up again to them. FINIALLY Amy said to me and my mom don't worry, i will fix this , it was Peggy who did this . She always does the papper work and also calls it into the Hospital for the office.....

The Nurse kept a eye on me while doing other things in the check in area.... the lady next to me finally came out and DR Vohra came into my little area there and said well ?? You are ready to go ? I said well i want to make sure that I am getting the GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY and he said what ? noo , you are getting the LAP BAND SURGERY .... I said nooo and looked at my HUBBY and then my hubby JOHN started to tell the DR what happened and all with AMY and the OFFICE and WHAT PEGGY Did , PEGGY messed up my SURGERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH i was so upset and ready to CRY ....... DR Vohra said Well maybe you were wishy washy about the whole thing and didn't know what surgery you wanted. He said to me i think i remeber you saying something like that and didn't know really ....

I said OMG nooo i KNEW i wanted the GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY NOT the LAP BAND ........ and my hubby said the same thing ..... that HE was with me all the time while visiting DR VOHRA's Office , he came with me. So HE knew it too that i wanted the GASTRIC BTYPASS Surgery ........

So DR Vohra said to me, well we are NOT set up for that surgery because we all thought you were gonna have the LAP BAND ...... SO you NEED to come to see me in my office on WEDNESDAY and set up another oppointment and reschedule this surgery and sign some pappers. I told him i ALREADY DID that with GABE , he said NO NO , you have to sign it with ME........ He said didn't anyone tell you that you had to come back in after PRE TESTING DAY ? and Sign some papers with ME ? i said no PEGGY is the one who CALLED ME BUT NEVER Said a WORD to me to come back into the OFFICE....... AHHHHHHHHHHH

We all were so mad at this point. the DR , said OK , well hold on a second.... I think we have to re schedule your surgery....... So i sat there waiting with my hubby John for a few minutes. Then john called my parents who are downstairs waiting for me , and told them and my mom said that they KNEW ALREADY what was going on with me. I couldn't BELIEVE what i was seeing.. ohhhh man I said to myself GOD NOW i gotta WAIT....... because of PEGGY'S STUPID MISTAKES!!!!!!!! DAMN IT

( downstairs , my mom told me that AMY was on the phone with DR Vohra and my mom told me that you can see AMY getting upset because of her face.... as soon as AMY got off the phone with the DR , my mom let her have it and told her how she felt and AMY couldn't do anything but HUGGED MY MOM , people saw this across the way and came up to my family and asked what happened and they talked for a bite - Maryanne's family a friend i met at the hospital. )

After a few minutes, i said i have to PEE ... lol so I got up and started to walk to the bathroom and then DR Vohra came back into my room and had a smile and said hey where are you going ? We decided to do the surgery. I said WHAT ? REALLY ? the GASTRIC BYPASS ?? He said YES..... so get back into your ROOM again.... I said Well i gotta use the bathroom, he said ok..... My hubby asked him are you OK to do this surgery meaning what happened and all and are you set up and stuff ? he said YES we are ready to go!

next thing i know a nurse name BOB came in and got me and i gave my hubby a kiss and I left on the bed.

While going down the hall into OR , BOB said to me that he will be my EYES and EARS ..... because my hubby was so upset and nervous that i was gonna get the WRONG operation ......

Going on to the OR TABLE , i looked around and OMG i saw the TOOLS and LONG TWEEZERS and SISSORS.... I thought again to myself WTF am I doing to myself , i am NOT THAT HEAVY ..... I kept on thinking and thinking to myself ..... oh my GOODNESS......... GOD HELP ME GET THROUGH THIS SURGERY PLEASE...... I CRIED inside.... and then looked up at the anesthesiologist and I said to him , please this is the GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY , and he said to me, IT IS ? I said OMG YES IT IS ..... please PLEASE do the gastric bypass surgery on ME........ and i said where is BOB , he came to me and held my hand and said YES you are getting the Gastric BYPASS , no worries..... and the anesthesiologist said OK .... here we go.... and placed the masked over my mouth and nose and i was gone.... OUT!

it felt like 5 minutes i was under. I woke up very VERY SORE but comfortable. it was quiet. the nurses where helping other patients out and when they saw i finally woken up , they took my Blood Pressure and Temp and all the vitals..... over and over again. The nurses wanted to move me on a regular bed. But i couldn't move i told them i was so sore.

After they moved me and got me comfortable. DR. Vohra came into see me. I smiled at him and he held out his hand and shook my hand and he said to me Hey how's it going there ? I said I am sore but i am feeling great.... and he smiled back . and told me that my surgery went so good and i was so great while the surgery.... no problems at all. I held in my cry and said thank you THANK YOU so much Dr Vohra and he said your welcome and told me that my parents wanted to see me and the nurse's kept taking my blood pressure and all the vitals. I saw AMY walk into the Recovering Room but didn't come over to see me. i thought that was ODD. ..... but anyway, I am just so glad that my surgery went so well for me. and I am ALIVE.... THANK YOU GOD for watching over me.

Going into my room finally, they wheeled me in and the first one i saw was my mom's face. I said to myself ohhhhh thank god she is HERE!! lol I was so happy to see everyone.

My Aunt from California came to see me and visit me in the hospital when I saw here i started to cry cause i was so emotional at that time.

UPSTAIRS at the hospital i was in a recliner. I found it alot easier for me to get up from that then a bed. Every 2 hours the nurses got me up and walked me. When they first got me up, i was in a FOG , i was so sleepy from the pain killers they gave me..... ahhhh it was a nightmare. I was walking with the nurses and my mom with my EYES SHUT CLOSED! they had a wheel chair behind me at all times JUST IN CASE i fell.... I didn't want to walk right after surgery but they all pushed me to get up and WALK every 2 hours.... ahhhh

Going to the Bathroom was horrible, i couldn't turn to wipe myself because of the incisions. They hurt so bad when you move around.... that is WHY i SLEPT in a recliner all that time at the hospital. The recliner was my best thing that helped me relax. When the nurse's came in and helped me get up from the relciner, i told them HOW to help me up because my hubby by mistake helped me up and the damn relciner bounced up and foward and that really hurt my incisions area. I was in pain after that. SO the nurse's who helped me who i didn't like too much , because they all bounced me up and forward and afterwards i was in pain from them doing that, so I didn't LIKE them too much. I loved Rosemary and ohh I forgot the other nurse's name. Ohh yes!! MARY she had red hair , and also pregnant. Nice nurse's AND caring.......

the second day I began to eat, broth and jello....

I had sips of water. I didn't even finish it at all. It was maybe a few sips and I was done!! The DR wanted me to finish The bottle of water of a 24 OZ bottle. 3 of them!! AHHHHHHHHH

the nurses and my parents, hubby and family ALL..... kept on reminding me to DRINK my water too!! it was so hard for me to drink it. I got full so fast.

The 4th day post op, i was passing blood in my stool. I was so scared.... i was crying inside. I couldn't believe i was seeing RED!!! my Dr's kept a close EYE on me until I was OK and not bleeding anymore.

I drank water and walked ALOT! it helped the gargling that was in my stomach.... that gargling did not stop at all........

in fact that gargling was the Blood moving around in my tummy.

On Saturday in the afternoon, I went home. I was so THRILLED..... But i kept on feeling that DAMN gargling in my stomach and I kept on asking the DR's and nurse's WHY i am feeling this way. The gargling still continued in my stomach. moving back and forth and around until i was feeling horrible. It felt like BAD GAS PAIN ...... lol felt like i was having a baby , but i never had a baby lol..... ANYWAY

I got out of the hospital that afternoon and came home and my dad came over and helped me walk up the block. my hubby was on ONE side of my and my dad was on the other side of me, and walked me up the block..... once and then we came back home.

That SATURDAY night, i passed BLOOD again...... 2 times........ during that time i was in the bathroom, my best friend JOYCE came to the front DOOR to see how I was doing....... ahhhh i was so damn DIZZY and ready to PASS OUT ..... i sat and sat IN THE BATHROOM UNTIL i was ready to MOVE again. I got up and i couldn't turn to wipe myself because of the incisions. they hurt me alot. SO my hubby called the DR and the DR said watch me during the night.

That night , i slept so good, but i was so SORE around my incisions. The dranage was in my tummy still. it was in my way!! ahh

In the morning, i passed blood again in my stools. So my hubby said to me, ahhh Lizzy we gotta go to the hospital again. So we drove to South Nassau Hospital and parked and walked into the ER and no one was waiting. It was so quiet.... So the nurse's there took me right away because they saw i looked so pale. They took my vital signs and everything. They were so good and nice to me. then they direct me to the ER room where i got hooked up to my IV's again. DAMN IT....



The ER DR came in and saw me and told me what DR Nishamuria wanted and said he had to take blood again and do a rectal exam, i was saying n my head ahhh good lord.... YUK!! BUT sure enough the DR found i was still bleeding.

The Endoscapy DR came in and saw me and told me that the incisions by my BM was OLD blood and it leaked through during the surgery and that is why i am bleeding.... and it needs to come out. and he told me not to hold in my BM stool and to let it out....

Ohhh I was so nervous about letting it *the stools* out, i do not know why i was so nervous about that but i was .....

FINIALLY Dr Nishamuria came in and saw me and told me the same thing what the ER DR said and did what he did too , the rectal exam.

My tummy still hurt and i was in pain , not because of my incision area, because of the DAMN BLOOD SUCKERS who come and take freaking BLOOD!!!! OHHHHH I HATED THEM! MOST OF ALL i couldn't STAND THEM! poking me and poking ME until i cried.... it was such a mess.

Dr Nishamuria , said to me , I am sorry but we have to keep you here to watch over you. I said OMMGGGGG NOT again!!

So about an hour or so I went BACK up to the 3rd floor and went into room 378 i believe ... lol I don't remember..... it was on the oposite sides where I was before when I first came in to for the surgery. Where i met my friend Maryanne. on that side.

I went up into my room and then i had to take X - rays and then i came back up again.

The SECOND DAY - GABE took out my drane.... THANK GOODNESS , one less thing i don't have to worry about.....

so he said on a count of 3 , breath in and then breath out and he will pull it out gently but kinda fast.... so after he pulled it out , i didn't feel it at all.....

next few days , i walked, drank my water and watched TV.

thank GOODNESS that my hubby stayed with me all the time , if it wasn't HIM , it would be my mom that stayed with me. My mom is the BEST , she helped me so much and if it wasn't for her , i wouldn't have had this surgery. THANK YOU MOM! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :-)


The nurses were awesome at South Nassau Hospital. Especially TESS , she was the night nurse.

I had a blood transfusion during the night. This nurse TESS watched over me like an ANGEL would watch over someone who needed help..... Ohhhh this nurse made me so comfortable and relaxed...... ohhh man, me and my hubby were so nervous about the blood transfusion but this nurse was so good to me. helped me in anyway i can....... every 20 minutes TESS would come in to see how I was doing and also watch the FLOW of my blood moving into my arm. This nurse had to be my angel. she watched me so much during her shift. and I let her know that she was an awesome nurse and so did my hubby. We really loved her alot. I believe she was spanish.... she spoke some english. What a nice person she was.

the morning and night nurse's after that were from HELL!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to kill them all .... LOL

the second to last DAY i was in the hospital, i had the Nurse HOPE.... let me tell you what happened that day....

it was around 9 pm and my family was still there waiting to HEAR what my blood test (hemoglobin) was. at first it was at 8...... and when it came back it was at 10 i believe. it was alot higher then it was...... the last couple of days ....( ohhh those blood suckers I hated them all when they dcame to take my freaking blood grrrr.....)

So this nurse HOPE came into my room while all my family there and took my blood pressure and temp. She put the cuff over my elbow which is wrong, and i told her this and she said it was OK. Then the Blood pressure read 60 / 48 ...... when she read that out loud , to me she asked me , is your blood pressure that low all the time ? I said no , the last week it has been great. 120/ 80. But this time after the nurse Hope spoke, my parents especial my mother was getting mad at this one nurse because she doesn't KNOW how to take blood pressure. She then went back out in the hall way and got another blood pressure thing and took my blood pressure again..... Well this time , the reading was 80/60...... i was laughing inside cause Hope the nurse STILL THINKS it is ME...... I said to myself ohhhh lordy, when I heard my mom say , we really need to get this straighten out , this is not her blood pressure and blah blah blah ..... next thing you know , Hope got a call from my DR Nishamuria. SO the DR wanted to know my vitals and HOPE told him what SHE got just now and next thing you know ...... MY DR came upstairs , from surgery with his mask and hat still on and took my blood pressure himself....... by this time. HOPE is yelling in the hall way and my FAMILY is FUMING..... so upset and mad....... my DR and Hope had a few words in the hall way and my DR got mad at the whole situation and threaten to quit medican..... ahhhhhh my mom went out and grab my DR and told him LISTEN , you are an EXELLENT DR , don't let anyone hurt you in anyway or say anything to you that will make you leave...... you are NEEDED HERE and ALL your patients need you , please don't quit..... so DR. Nishmuria hugged my mom and told her thank you for helping him out.....

After that whole week , there was no more blood passing and the DR's let me go home. DR. Nishmuria , wanted me to stay because he was STILL so worried and cautious about everything he does.

WHAT an EXCELLENT DR HE IS...... I loved him alot so did my WHOLE family.

when i got home after the surgery the first time around, my hubby and my father bought me a recliner for the livingroom. So i can relax in the chair for another week.

I didn't want to get too comfy with the recliner...... because I really SHOULD START getting use to the way I was BEFORE surgery....

So after the surgery , I tried to lay back in the bed with alot of pillows around my body and have a teddy bear or a small pillow against my tummy where my surgery incisions are and I pressed that against MY tummy while I try to STAND UP from the bed and or the recliner.

That helped me alot when I had my surgery.

MY Weight lose started right at the hospital. I don't eat much during my stay. What i had to eat was broth and jello and sucking on ice chips for a week or 2. So in that time I lost maybe 20 LBS.

I Just kept on WALKING ALOT while you are AT the hospital.......... and DRINK ALOT OF WATER while you are there.......

Hugs & kisses

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