I want to start out with a little history.  Maybe the root cause of my problems with my weight.  I had a good childhood.  I was on only child.  My dad was in the Air Force and my mom was a housewife.  Being a Southern family we had all the fried foods and always had to finish what was on our plates.  You know that saying (Children around the world were starving).  My dad was away a lot so pot pies and Rice was a cheap and easy meal.  Friday nights once a month was Hamburger night.  From an early age my mother would reward e for being good.  M&M's were my favor reward so mom would tell me (if you are good I will give you M&M's).  Later when I was in school if I got good grads on my report card I would get a shake.  I was 8 when we left the states and moved overseas.  I had to leave my dog that I had since I was 4 with my great grandfather.  I would cry myself to sleep cause I missed her so much.  I was teased a lot in school cause I was taller and bigger than the kids in my class.  In the 6th grade I weight 160lbs.  By the time I reached the 12th my weight was 235lbs.  I got married right after school and had my first child and my weight got up to 350lbs.  I went on my first medical diet in Shreveport LA.  back in 1980.  He put me on a drug called (Fastine).  It was a drug to suppress the hunger.  I lost down to 280lbs.  Then I started to see things on them so I got off of them.  Only to gain the weight I had lost and more.  Now I was up to 423 1/2 lbs.  Went to LSU in Shreveport, LA  where I was in a primary care group.  I started going to see Jackie Patrick and she helped me a lot with my weight loss.  I only watched my fat grams and excised every day and the weight started to come off.  I lost down to 226 and had a tummy tuck on April 18th, 1994.  I would walk 2.2 miles a day and did excises with some tapes I had at the house.  Then in 1998 my husband and I got into trucking.  That was my down fall again.  Sitting long hours in a truck and then eating what ever we could grab to eat was not a good life style at all.  I lost my CDL in 2005 because I could no longer pass the DOT physical anymore cause my blood presser was too high.  In 07 my husband got off the road and started driving for a local company so that we could get Insurance so that I could get a Gastric Bypass.  On Feb 8, 07 I saw the Dr and my weight was 438lbs then.  I did the paper work for the Insurance Company and on April 20th, 07 I was turned down and on May 19th, 07 my husband was killed at work in a roll over.  I moved to Augusta GA in November of that year.  I have taken these 3 years to heal and now at my highest weight 484lbs I am going to get my Gastric Bypass.  I am so lucky to have such a good support group with my family and friends and my support group family I know I can climb that mountain and stand tall on the other side.  

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