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Sep 13, 2012

Starting a new road in my life. I am going to have Bariatric Surgery as so as my insurance and drs approve it. My BMI is 71.4 that is Super Morbid Obese. That is a hard thing to say but this is even harder to write. I weigh 484 lbs now So come along and cheer me on to a health weight loss. I hope that I can help others to make that choice to be healthy again too.

I had found this on my timelline today and wanted to update it...I had Bariatric Surgery Feb 7th 11, I weighed 407lbs day of surgery. I was on 2 blood pressure meds, water pill and a pill for incontencent.. It is almost 2 yrs out now and I am at 218lbs and only have 18lbs to reach my goal of 200 lbs... I no longer take blood pressure meds water pills, or pills for incontencest and no longer have a problem with that... I do still have my CPaP but will be doing a sleep study in Dec to see if I can come off of it.... I have came out of my wheel chair, walker and cane... I walk everywere now... I do have contractors to my hip and knees caused by sittting in a truck for years and then in a wheel chair for years... Now I am working to release the muscles so that I can have knee replacement... I started PT 2 weeks ago and yesterday I started working out with a trainer at (Live Fit) yesterday... Both are great workouts for my hip and knees... I have come along way with a lot of hard work but would do it all over again to be as healthy as I am today... I am trying to pay it back for all that I have learned and want to help others with their fight with obesity...  


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