The Waiting Game!

Feb 26, 2008

April 1/08

I went an saw Dr.Klassen, He seems to be a nice Surgeon. The intern told me lots and I asked lots of questions. He came to the room and my mind went blank.LOL! I had worked all night then headed to the city for the appointment. I wasn't going to miss this for anything. Drumrolllllllllll I have a date, May 28th. I am so excited. I couldn't even sleep that day.

Have an appointment with Dr. Dennis Klassen on April 1st/08 not sure how much longer of a wait I will have. Been on the list since 2001.

Monday Jan/11/05

Hi! I am still here.
It's been close to two years now waiting for a date to see Dr. MacDonald here in Nova Scotia. People are having dreams and I recieved a prayer today, so just maybe my call with a date is soon approaching.

Hugs Donna

Tuesday Jan 12/05

I finally have a date for a consultation. I go on the 20th of Jan/05..

Friday Jan 21/05

I went to see Dr. Macdonald and I think he would rather send me to a concentration camp or the army to get the weight off. (he,he) Really he was trying to make a point that we have to exercise after the operation to keep it off. Which I know, but hey, if I know that why aren't I doing that now..hehe..

We discussed which type surgery, and I have choosen the open RNY. He stressed that with the other proceedure that your staples may let go and have to resort to this type surgery.

Over the time there, his humour came out, and I felt more at ease. Or it was when he was talking about what he loved to do..His surgeries. He has prefromed over 3700 and have had 3 fatalities. He was very honest with concerns I had.

Awaiting approval now from MSI and then off to the next steps.

Feb 4/05

Have been approved..yayyy!!!!

On a waiting list to see the endocrinologist now..3 to 8 months wait..Lots of waiting but worth it in the end.

April 12/05

Going for all my blood work in the am. Have my appointment set to see the endocrinologist on May4th/05..YIPPIEEE!!!


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